Miss D. and I just got back from a chilly (but not unbearably so) Utah, where we attended the LTUE convention over the weekend.  We looked forward to warming up in the more temperate climes we’re used to in Texas . . . but the weather gods had other ideas.

Yesterday morning it reached a high of 74 degrees (Fahrenheit, for the benefit of overseas readers) in our area;  then it plummeted by about 40 degrees, over the course of no more than an hour or two.  By last night it was in the low 30’s, and this morning it hasn’t climbed out of the 20’s.  What’s more, ice and sleet has been falling steadily for several hours.  The roads are a sheet of white, slippery as heck, and no-one with any sense is going anywhere, by car or on foot.  Fortunately, the moisture is already frozen by the time it reaches ground level, so we aren’t seeing any accumulation on power lines or tree limbs, for which we’re devoutly grateful.

I suspect we won’t be going anywhere for the rest of the day, and perhaps not tomorrow either, until this clears up.  It’s real brass monkey weather out there.



  1. "Anyone who can hang around here for more than two weeks and remain sane – doesn't understand the situation."
    Fellow writers are not exempt from this natural law!
    It was down to 37°F in Phoenix, yesterday. Hibernation protocols kick in at 35°. It's getting close!

  2. Yup, it was warm and miserable here in Richardson, TX the last few days, and now cold and miserable for the rest of the week I’m here. No ice though!
    I’m crazy for saying so, but I want to get back to Maryland where the weather isn’t so crazy.
    But work is keeping me indoors the whole time, just letting me and the rest of the team out for meals. No sight seeing or spare time.
    Wandering Neurons

  3. Texas, where wen the north wind blows there's nothing between you and the North Pole but a barb-wire fence, and that's lying on the ground,

  4. Unseasonably cool down here too. Hard up against the Rio Grande, about 60 miles upriver of the river's mouth (McAllen). Presently (5:40 a.m.) 50 degrees and drizzle. I'm loving it, summer down here is about two months too long. I slept with windows open last night.

    Stay safe and off the roads today, sounds like good hot chocolate weather to me.

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