Bureaucrats don’t like non-compliant, rebellious serfs

The Foundation for Economic Education highlights how bureaucrats weaponize the child protection system against parents wanting to protect their children from increasingly dysfunctional schools.

Schooling is adept at rooting out individuality and enforcing compliance. In his book, Understanding Power, Noam Chomsky writes: “In fact, the whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don’t know how to be submissive, and so on—because they’re dysfunctional to the institutions.”

This filtering process begins very early in a child’s schooling as conformity is rewarded and divergence is punished.

. . .

An investigative report by The Hechinger Report and HuffPost released last month revealed that schools are increasingly using child protective services as a “weapon” against parents. It said:

Fed up with what they see as obstinate parents who don’t agree to special education services for their child, or disruptive kids who make learning difficult, schools sometimes use the threat of a child-protection investigation to strong-arm parents into complying with the school’s wishes or transferring their children to a new school. That approach is not only improper, but it can be devastating for families, even if the allegations are ultimately determined to be unfounded.

More troubling, these threats disproportionately target low-income and minority parents.

There’s more at the link.

It’s a very troubling report for parents – and not just those who home-school their kids, either.  If you have children in the “official” school system, and you’re at all independent-minded, teaching your kids that they don’t have to believe or swallow everything they’re spoon-fed in school . . . you may end up a victim of this.

Personally, I think any bureaucrat trying this, whose complaints are later disproved or dismissed, should be fired at once and barred from ever again working in the field of education.  However, that’s not about to happen, as we all know – more’s the pity.

Tar.  Feathers.  Rails.  Bureaucrats.  Some assembly required.



  1. As long as bureaucrazies like CPS exist, they will be misused.
    CPS' own reports show that they cause far more harm than good.

    Ban and dismantle the organizations. Try every employee, down to the janitors, for crimes against humanity, morality, and the Constitution.

  2. Guillotine…government fascist stooges…some DISassembly required.

    Seriously; the entire concept of Child Protective Services is deeply flawed. Yes, some parents through viciousness or simple disfunction will abuse of neglect their children. That's a tragedy. But what in the history of all mankind suggests that the government is in a position to do anything but make matters, on average, worse?

  3. I don't know that there is a way to balance the needs of children fairly. There are always zealots who exist within the bureaucracy who make people's lives miserable because they can. Yet there are also horrible situations where children, helpless, are abused and damaged by parents/guardians.

  4. I spend 1/3 of my take-home pay to send the younglings to private school and am struggling to find a way to continue that.

    Fortunately, both are quite independent-minded. Yesterday the older one was commenting that all their classmates are "climate change climate change climate change" and she said she'll make up her own damned mind.

  5. Gee, who would have thought that altruistic ideals would be corrupted by bureaucracy and evil?

    If the abusers in the system were held accountable for their crimes and abuses, the system might sluggishly work. But that never really happens.

    The system is so bad that the rumors of it being a front for child slavery and sex rings sounds very plausible.

    Or it could be that the system is full of people who could barely get a Social Worker's Degree at the local diploma mill, which is actually easier to get than a degree in exercise 'science' so that should tell you how difficult it is to get that degree.

    Social Work – when you absolutely have to send in your very worse…

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