Busy, busy, busy . . .

I’m hard at work on a writing project at the moment, which has cut into my blogging time today.  I’ll put up some posts early tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, to keep you happy, here’s a human catapult stunt that leaves me shaking my head.  I wonder what the G-forces were upon launch?



  1. This is brilliant!.
    So many applications.
    Imagine if you only lived two or three blocks away from work, one shot, and Presto!, you're at the front door in ten seconds flat!.
    I've even got a name for the whole thing, it's….

    'G-Force Travel Inc.
    Our slogan. "You buy, you fly".

  2. Hmm. . . . Roughly about .5 seconds of launch acceleration by my stopwatch. About 4.5 seconds from launch to visible drogue chute deployment. Assuming he deployed at apogee. . . .

    4 seconds deceleration to cancel .5 seconds acceleration. . . Assume some aerodynamic drag, add 1 g to the base acceleration figure to account for actual, you know, gravity.

    Probably around 8-10g for about half a second. Close enough with the accuracy of data I have (which is not good, just me timing on my phone and guessing when he hit the top of the arc based on when I can see the drogue on a low-res image).

    Could be off by 3g either way. Anybody got a better way to get the times from the video? Anybody want to check my math? It's been along time since I did this stuff for real.


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