Cabin pron

I’ve seen posts on several blogs from time to time offering pictures of picturesque cabins in the woods, in the mountains, at the seashore, etc.  I was reminded of them when I found this image on Gab this morning.  Clickit to biggit.

Imagine waking up to that view in summer!  It’d be great.  Winter . . . not so much, I guess.  I imagine it’d be really cold up there!



  1. In winter, that strikes me as one of those kinds of places where you'd better have enough food to last until the snow melts. In April.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Old_NFO. If anything comes loose from that cliff the house is going to take a beating. I also thought about winter, ice, and the inevitable melt in the spring.

    Then there's water and sewer, and I'm thinking you generate your own electricity.

    But the view – amazing!

  3. Do you know where is that? My guess is the Alps but just a guess and where in the Alps I will not guess.

  4. I answered my own question and yes it is in the Alps, the Swiss Alps. I was able to figure out that the sign on the building said Gasthaus and came close enough to the second word, which is Ă„scher, which I thought said arcer or archer. It is a restaurant that supposedly takes only medium difficulty to get to by foot.

    Note what looks like at least three cables in the center of pic angling up from below at about 45 degrees or so and going into the clouds. That must be one heck of a cable car ride and from the op stop you can reach this restaurant after a short hike. More info here:

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