California’s homeless crisis: a musical explanation

We’ve visited the homelessness crisis before.  It’s particularly bad in Los Angeles, but the same problem exists in other Californian cities (e.g. San Diego).

This video may be labeled a “parody”, but there’s an awful lot of truth in it.

My take on the subject is that as long as government is expected to provide the solution, there won’t be one.  Government sees only the opportunity to spend lots of our money, and create lots of new jobs for their bureaucratic drones, while ignoring the reality of the situation.  In fact, it’s in their best interests not to solve the problem – otherwise what would they do with all those lovely jobs they’ve created for themselves?



  1. I worked in Hollywood in the early 90s and we often shot commercials in downtown LA. Many streets looked exactly like this.

    The problem was there, but much less widespread, and no one thought it was OK.

    The downtown areas are abandoned at night. That lets the bums move in and establish themselves, which keeps the area abandoned at night, and soon becomes abandoned during the day too.

    I'm seeing more and more of this even in Houston where there is much less tolerance for it, and lots of opportunity for work.


  2. The socialist solution to a conflagration is to pour fuel on the fire so that it does not starve. Until control passes to the politburo. And the nomenklatura. After which, the fuel flow is progressively constricted all the way down to zero. The big cities of the Soviet Union were the safest cities in the world, 24/7: those who have a monopoly on mischief do not take kindly to competition.

  3. With all the layoffs, and jobs and services (even professional-level) being replaced with automation, OF COURSE there's going to be "an increase in homelessness"
    …no surprise if a good number of "underpass residents" have B.A.s, Master's, and PhDs.

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