Canada is now a test laboratory for oppression in the USA


What’s happening in Canada is being eagerly watched by the Biden administration, the Democratic Party, the progressive left, and the oligarchs behind all of them.  In it, they see their own future in the USA.  If Canada gives in to the anti-democratic dictatorship of Prime Minister Trudeau and his progressive-left cohorts, then freedom is over in that country.  If the citizens of Canada say “Enough!” and refuse to comply, and in their refusal cripple Trudeau and force his government to back down or quit, then freedom will come roaring back, and the forces working against it will be driven into retreat.

Our own leftist extremists know that full well.  They’ve been urging their counterparts north of the border to crack down for some time now.  (Never forget that Trudeau did not act until after he’d had a conversation with President Biden.  I’m pretty sure that conversation was scripted and basically irrelevant, partly because I don’t think Biden is capable of carrying on a rational conversation any longer, partly because I’m sure the people who are manipulating Biden were talking to Trudeau and his people long before that phone call.)

Be in no doubt.  Freedom in America is now very much dependent on what happens to freedom in Canada.  If the Canucks blow it – if they falter and fail – then the powers that (currently) be in the USA will take heart, and try to impose the same level of tyranny here.  If the Canadian government proves it can crack down on its truckers and get away with it, expect the same – and worse – to happen to the Freedom Convoy currently being planned in the USA.  If the citizens of Canada won’t stand up for their rights, then the powers behind the “throne” in the USA will presume that American citizens won’t either – and they’ll act, just as their counterparts in Canada have done.

Could anyone, even a few short years ago, have foreseen how far Canada would fall from the heights of freedom?  Consider these headlines (chosen from potentially hundreds of candidates because they’re backed up by facts and evidence – and do, by all means, follow the links and read them for yourself):

So what do all those headlines mean?  I offer a few opinions for your consideration.  Text highlighted in light blue is my emphasis.

From Redstate:

What’s going on in Canada is not just sliding down a slippery slope. It’s strapping on skis and hitting a black diamond run — and that’s by design. Using the banking system to go after political opponents was always going to be the biggest threat to free speech in the future. That we are now seeing the first large-scale, government-sponsored steps in normalizing that from a supposedly free nation should disturb everyone. What’s the limiting principle here? Any honest onlooker will admit there isn’t one. Trudeau has given himself powers that essentially give him free rein to ruthlessly crush anyone who challenges his will.

Calling that totalitarianism may make some soft-spined conservatives feel icky, but that’s exactly what it is.

From the Brownstone Institute:

Justin Trudeau’s contempt for the truckers is … genuine and profound. He sees in them not an obstacle to Covid policy or a potential threat to public health. Not even he could possibly be so stupid as to think it matters whether or not these people take their vaccines. No: he identifies in them a barrier to forces in which his political future is entwined – an ever-increasing scope and scale for governmental authority, and the opportunities to buttress his own legitimacy that would follow from it. 

And his contempt for them is outweighed, of course, by his fear. Because he surely recognises that his authority is wafer-thin. Legitimacy cuts both ways. If he fails to suppress the truckers’ revolt, the entire edifice on which his authority rests – as the helmsman of the Canadian state and its purported capacity to protect the population from harm – will come tumbling down.

From The Last Refuge:

The totality of the Trudeau administration effort is in weaponizing a narrative of protests against the government to achieve a raw and brutal power grab.   The Emergency Act is being used as a tool for political power.

Quite remarkable how openly they admit what they are doing.

Larry Lambert points out:

The GoFundMe cancellation of the trucker’s money should make. you all aware of how a cashless society will work. The Government gets mad at you and they wipe out your money, good night, the end.  This is the very essence of the social credit system.

A Twitter commenter affirms, and I agree (clickit to biggit):

I’ll let the estimable T. L. Davis put it in a nutshell.

It isn’t truth or science that drives a fascist government, it is sheer power, sheer control over the people and for them to do anything less than kneel and submit is punished harshly.

The mistake is for people in America to think that it’s any different here. It’s not. Yes, we have powerful governors and such that might, state by state, resist the worst of the excesses of a tyrannical ruler like Biden, or Obama, or Rice, whoever’s actually running the show up in DC, but all of these actions and more are in the playbook.

Australia is the mark of what a Western “democracy” is willing to do as far as imprisonment-in-place and penalties for straying outside one’s cell, however lavish a cell it might be. Austria was quick to jump on that bandwagon as well. Canada is showing the power and extent to which they are willing to use anti-terror legislation and the cooperation of corporations to punish their own peaceful citizens out of sheer spite and embarrassment. Next is America, where they might be the ones to demonstrate the level of firepower that might be brought against their own citizens.

Each nation has taken upon itself the role of setting one bar or another and it sure looks like America has the role of unleashing actual weaponry. The United States has weeded patriots out of the military, have weakened the forces with the dangerous injections and have fomented war in Ukraine in order to impose the worst of measures at home. If we are at war with Russia, the American Government can use the most vicious means of suppressing opposition to that war by labeling the protesters “terrorists and traitors.” They already have your replacements imported from around the world and brought through the open southern border.

As I’ve remarked before, this is already a world war of Western governments against the free people of the world. The disparate and diffused actions taken by each nation feeds into a single narrative that freedom is not only wrong, but violent. This is the struggle for minds using intimidation, small rewards for great sacrifices, all of the tools of kidnappers and terrorists.

Until Americans, Canadians, Austrians, Australians, Brits, Italians, French and every other so-called democracy in the West recognizes that they are, by virtue of electronic surveillance, electronic banking systems, electronic voting systems, city, county and state regulations and anti-terror legislation all prisoners in their own homes, slaves to fascist governments, they will never act in a way that can ultimately free themselves. These governments need to be recognized as criminals in violation of their oaths and offices on a grand scale.

There’s more at the link.

Friends, be in no doubt that the next few days and weeks, both in Canada and the USA, will be critical.  I expect the US government to try to crush the US version of the “Freedom Convoy” before it can make a major impact – perhaps even before it starts.  I expect our truckers to resist.  What will come of that?  Right now, nobody knows;  but I expect the authorities to use any and all measures necessary to crush opposition, rather than allow it to snowball out of control.

The response of free Americans to that will determine whether we remain free, or tacitly accept that we are already slaves.



  1. The problem is that the entire financial system was taken over by the federal government with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the telegraph system allowing central control. With the advent of computers and electronic data transmission, the control is complete and instantaneous, and runs top to bottom across every financial institution of every kind. The Feds control all the money, and they control all the main crypto houses through the "KYC" anti money laundering requirements that put those under the Fed thumb.

    Short of going all cash (and even the drug lords use banks via money laundering to get things done and make big purchases) there is no way to avoid the hand of the government.

  2. As I have said before, "There is no law, only Zuul."
    Rights are what you can enforce.

    It's always been said that our enemies must be the first to resort to violence, for our side to have legitimacy. What does that matter when the news will report the enemy narrative, no matter what the truth is? How much violence must we receive before our spines stiffen and we shout, enough! We must create our own parallel societies, and now is not too soon. We need our own media, our own schools, our own banks, our own charities, our own NGOs, our own security services, our own shadow governments. Just like our enemies have created in the formerly great USA.

  3. The Freedom Convoy in Canada has one major flaw. There are truckers hauling loads keeping the stores stocked. All trucking needs to come to a halt for the full effect of a trucker's strike.

    1. Exactly T. I wonder whether the whole convoy idea is fatally flawed. A convoy is great publicity and imagery but without a commitment from a large number of truckers to stop driving, it's inevitable that the convoy will be ambushed and those poor people annihilated like the J6ers. In simple labor dispute tactics, if strikers allow scabs to replace them or keep the factory running, you can't win. Truckers hold a real trump card in our economy. If even a moderate number stop driving our economy freezes up. They need to use that card. A bunch of truckers defying the Regime in dc won't get anywhere without large numbers of truckers refusing to haul the food, fuel, parts, equipment, and people the Regime needs. If that crashes the economy, so much the better. We need the gears of the machine that feeds these monsters to stop, even if that requires us all to sacrifice and support our fellow Americans in need.

  4. It's not that there are people who will pull shit like this, I've always known folks like that were lurking amongst us….. what leaves me bewildered is the number of people who will just let them do it without saying shit about it.

  5. “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will.
    Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact
    amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will
    continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.
    The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they
    oppress.” — Frederick Douglass, 1857

  6. It's gets even more stupid as he's authorized mainstream media(CBC) to freeze bank accounts for the government…so, no negative comments or your assets will be frozen from the Banks.

  7. In every possible outcome, this can only end in hails of bullets.

    Whether he knows it or not, Turdoo is now the Canadian Ceaçescu, and he and his ilk are dead men walking.

    The only remaining question is when, and at this point, the answer is merely a historical curiosity.

    Seizing power sounds good on paper, but it never turns out IRL for the dictators the way that they imagined.

  8. If they clog the streets of D.C., economic activity in the country should improve, since nobody will be there to pass more laws and regulations…

  9. Could anyone, even a few short years ago, have foreseen how far Canada would fall from the heights of freedom?

    You mean who could predict that Cuba-loving, America-hating, “proud they have no Constitution with negative rights” Canada which has voted decade after decade for the Canadian values embodied by the LIBERAL party might go totalitarian? I dunno. Me?

  10. All the truckers have to do is stop delivering to the 450 or so blue counties. The internal riots will destroy them in less than a month.

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