Careless flying leads to a near-death experience

The video clip below shows a pilot whose level of carelessness is so great I don’t think he should be flying at all!  It’s enough to give me the willies.  Don’t watch this video if you’re a nervous flyer, because it’s about as close to instant death as I’ve ever seen a light plane come without actually killing anyone . . .

I hope everybody on board bought lottery tickets when they landed.  With luck like that, they would have been sure to win!



  1. They should have dragged the pilot out and beat him with a bat.
    A disgusting demonstration of irresponsible behavior endangering the lives of multiple other people.

  2. That flight originated about 50 miles from my home. There are two basic routes to the high desert, both are littered with the wreckage of aircraft who attempted to scud run through the pass(s) either to get out or get home.

    The hazards of scud running through these areas are not a secret, the disastrous results are usually well publicized and are distributed throughout the flying community.

    These folks are very lucky, they should be dead. I am curious as to whether the FAA took any enforcement actions against the pilot, several FARs were violated.

    Hopefully, the pilot learned something from this.

    Hopefully, the passengers did too, they should not fly with that guy – he uses poor judgement.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. Proof that all clouds don't have silver linings; some have rock linings. Another couple of feet and none of them would even have even known what happened.

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