Casual conversation in the hood

Larry Lambert shares conversations he overheard in the Department of Motor Vehicles in California.

It turns out that Willy is in jail for stealing a car. He might be the baby daddy of the lady who sat behind me for almost an hour, talking to other. Then again, there are 13 other possibles and she plans to blame it on a Christian gentleman who she seduced who would not ask for a blood test. He’s employed, which seem (in addition to gullibility) be his only charming attributes. The Christian is a bum lay, but that doesn’t seem to bother our heroin because she has other gentleman callers. Bless her heart.

Willy didn’t steal the car, his other girlfriend, Cleo has a brother who stole the car, planted some drugs and then loaned it to Willy and dimed him off to the po-lice. He owes money to Willy for a much larger supply of drugs, but since Willy is on parole, he’ll be going away for a long time. Cleo’s brother is hosting a party tonight at his home to celebrate with other hood rats.

The set up is apparently an open secret because there were three or four people seated behind me talking about it, and looking forward to the party on Willy’s dope.

There’s more at the link.

I find those conversations completely believable, because I’ve overheard similar ones myself while visiting (as a pastor) run-down neighborhoods in cities such as Philadelphia, New Orleans, Los Angeles and more.  The casual amorality on display is mind-boggling to someone who isn’t used to it.  What’s more, even the alleged “faith” of some churchgoers is really weird.  I’ve personally overheard a group of shoplifters praying for Divine help and protection, before heading for a store to rob it!

It’s a very strange world in the ‘hood, as I’m sure many of my readers can confirm from their own experiences.  Go read Larry’s account for yourself.



  1. A former in-home-care co-worker declared that if your car isn't locked, it is ok to rifle through it as it's your fault she can do so. Same for the neighbors' unprotected wi-fi and your purse if it happens to be unwatched. We started putting the narcotics in the safe. She didn't last long.

  2. This isn't that strange.

    Kinda seems like the middle Ages, when people were on one hand quite religious yet behaved atrociously.

    Human mind is not noted for being self-consistent and not full of contradictions. Unless the human involved spends a lot of time trying to keep it so.

  3. It's their culture at fault, plus a bit of genetics thrown in. You can blame LBJ and the Democrats for this downturn in their culture. Not entirely his fault, but his desire to turn them into Dem voters was a major shift into disaster mode. We, and they, have been paying the price ever since. It's not fixable at this point. Well, not practical.

    1. Rather, culture and Original Sin.

      There are no shortage of white enclaves where people behave just as abysmally. Some of them are even covered with ivy, or have marble halls.

      Indeed, the most scandalous thing in the Podesta wikileaks files was how casually some of the players discussed a dark magic ritual.

  4. Several years ago I read a newspaper article about a teenager who disappeared in Miami. His mother said she couldn't understand it; the kid was just going out to sell someone some cocaine. He was a good kid and never did hard drugs, except he was a speed addict. And these weren't stereotypical hood rats, they were ostensibly middle-class people, who you wouldn't worry about if they moved in next door.
    Having worked in Miami, I found this story quite believable.

  5. Thank you War on Poverty for enabling and in fact for all practical purposes demanding this outcome. The effects of AFDC on the family structure of it's demand that only unmarried are eligible for benefits is to require broken families and reward multiple children with whatever collection of sperm donors desired. Welfare created the situation and as long as it continues as an entitlement will continue to exacerbate it. Note to the race baiters color doesn't matter in this analysis as all races are affected.

  6. I often poke at my wife's parent culture in Brazil and their endemic corruption, but it seems to be a matter of class, not race, and above that, exclusive of class, morality.

    Some cultures, like the hood culture, or the majority culture of South America and some of the Mediterranean states, there's a moral dichotomy there, dual moralities that should be antagonistic but aren't. There is the morality of being observed in public, which includes accountability, and the morality of not being observed in public, where sin is excused so long as it does not affect those who know about it in a negative way.

    This post is a great example of that. There is no leaving behind the underclass for them.

  7. Paul – what you described is the "morality" of 90% of the world's population. 'If you can get away with it, it's not wrong.'

  8. This is a characteristic of 'high trust' vs 'low trust' societies. White, Christian, "traditional" America is/was a 'high trust' society. Black ghettos are 'low trust'. Most of the rest of the world is composed of 'low trust' societies, with notable exceptions in the former UK and the nordic countries.

    There is a ton of info and discussion online about the features of high and low trust societies, and I find it a very useful tool for understanding the behaviour of individuals and groups within those societies.


  9. "High trust" seems to be a characteristic of Western Civilization/First World countries. Multi-culti degrades this necessary requirement to a noticeable degree. When it goes away, so will Western Civ. The Progressives/Democrats and their European comrades are determined to turn out the lights, and initiate a second "dark age". They may not intend for that to happen (most of them, perhaps), but there is none so blind as those who will not see.

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