Chaos and anarchy on the Mexican border


The Biden administration’s unwritten plan to overwhelm American voters with a surge of illegal aliens (who will reliably – and, if necessary, illegally – vote Democrat) is in full swing.  It’s far worse than you’ll read in the mainstream media, most of which support the Democratic Party and regard the invasion as a good thing, and therefore won’t report the facts.

A recent independent report describes the chaos.

“Jose Antonio” … said he was a long-distance foot guide, a guia, for the ultra-violent La Linea cartel controlling this area. He leads groups of immigrants on eight- to 12-day treks through the remote desert terrain in West Texas with a singular goal: get them to U.S. Interstate 10, where associates pick them up at landmarks and drive them into the nation’s interior.

. . .

Over the course of an hour or so, Antonio explained the business, attributing his windfall to what he termed la invitación, the invitation. This is the local cartel reference to presidential candidate Joe Biden’s promises to the world’s poor that if they crossed the border illegally when he became president they would be welcome to stay, never fear deportation, and maybe get citizenship. Antonio said that when Biden actually won, business in Mexico’s Chihuahua State instantly boomed ¡como nunca! Like never before.

“They come in from all over Central America, Haiti, Africa, Indonesia, and from all over South America,” Antonio explained between snorts from a flattened 16-penny nail, smiling at his new good fortune. “They just keep coming and keep coming and keep coming.”

For the first time in local memories, rising streams of large groups — 50-to-100 illegal immigrants each — are constantly flowing through the normally quiet Big Bend Sector, one of the biggest, most remote, and perhaps out-of-mind of the eight designated CBP operating areas along the southern border. With 165,154 square miles and 571 miles of Rio Grande border in West Texas, Big Bend also is historically the least trammeled by illegal immigrants, perhaps because of its deterring harshness.

Not anymore, though.

Eighteen-wheeler tractor-trailer rigs and trucks of all sizes now pull right up to the river in unending succession to unload people and drug cargo in broad daylight along the long empty stretches of riverside territory. Police chases of immigrant transport vehicles are now commonplace in towns further inland for the first time. And Border Patrol agents, largely unreinforced despite new circumstances, are chasing groups through the desert day and night, losing most and strained beyond capacity to impact what’s happening, they say.

“It’s never been this busy,” one agent who has worked in the Van Horn Station Area for more than a decade told CIS. “I’ve never seen 18-wheelers out on the levy on the Mexican side like this, filled with God-only-knows what. It was predicted before the new administration came in, and it happened. Now the cartels are having a field day.”

In one recent notable incident, five vehicles blasted in from the Mexican side not far south of Sierra Blanca, filled with marijuana, meth — and 87 immigrants. Border Patrol caught that convoy.

But much more often, Border Patrol only ever learns about these events from tracks that churn the dirt, video recordings from hidden cameras, and distant dust plumes. Inland, sheriff’s deputies and Texas DPS Highway Patrol routinely engage in high-speed vehicle chases of smuggler vehicles that pick up migrants off the interstate and state roads leading to it.

More often than not, the passengers and drivers bail out and run into the desert, never to be seen again.

There’s more at the link.  The well-organized cartel human smuggling operation is described in a subsequent report, which I highly recommend reading as well.

Folks, let’s be clear.  This is nothing more or less than an invasion.  These people are coming here to mooch off the American welfare system, to take jobs that Americans need, and to send American dollars – which we need in our own economy – out of the country to their families and relatives in other countries.

This is a catastrophe in the making, a disaster for our economy and our society – yet the Biden administration is actively encouraging it by its inaction and refusal to secure our border.

I don’t agree with them, of course, but I can understand the fury and frustration of some Americans who threaten to go down to the border and start shooting illegal aliens on sight, as they cross over the Rio Grande.  What other recourse do they have?  The authorities are under direct orders to let the invasion continue.  In the absence of law enforcement, there’s nothing and no-one to stop the invaders.

The Biden administration is working as hard and as fast as it can to turn our country into just another Third World hellhole.



  1. Shooting illegal immigrants as they cross isn't all that helpful.
    Shooting the professional smugglers who stay safely (so far) on their side of the border, on the other hand….


    It will be open season on the border, no rules, and screw the bag limit, by year's end, if this keeps up. A smuggler truck hits a schoolbus full of kids, and a bunch of dads will be going on a clean-up mission, for keeps. And then it spreads.

    On its best day, CBP only caught 10% of what crossed; 5% or less was average. I watched and video-recorded it for years, at spitting distance. The handful of guys I worked with caught more illegals on one ranch working 2-3 days a week than the CBP caught on their own in six months working 24/7/365, with hundreds of agents and miles of camera-covered border. That was by design, not by accident.

    Of the rank-and-file agents, 1/3 are hard chargers, another 1/3rd are doing the job only as well as required and working for the pension, and the other 1/3 are incompetent, crooked, or both. All promotions above patrol agent up the chain come solely from that last 1/3rd, and have for 50 years. Do the math on that.

    I went down there before to head off a bigger crisis: when our near-border becomes cartel playground.

    We're there now anyways, on purpose, and the result is going to be the range going hot in both directions, and in about a New York minute, everyone's skin is gong to become their uniform in the conflict to come, and people aren't going to wait to decide if you're a patriotic Mexican-American or a Progressive white person, they're going to see simply brown skin v. white skin, and that'll be true far from the immediate border area in short order.

    Katy bar the door.

    The Mexican military wouldn't be a serious threat to the Iowa Notional Guard, but taking on the cartels would be like fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq again, except 8000 miles closer to home.

    The only way to turn the tide will be a miles-wide deserted DMZ from San Ysidro to Brownsville and several miles south, and free fire on anything moving inside it, for decades.

    The alternative will be bringing Ciudad Juarez to any city within 200 miles north of the border, and expanding north daily.

    Pushed far enough, it will either collapse our nation, or occasion the use of nuclear weapons on Mexico City.
    Perhaps both, at different times.

    And Biden owns every bit of that, for decades to come, long after he's just a forgotten senile shriveled corpse.

  3. Shooting the American citizens who employ the illegals is the more moral choice to be made here.

    Look, you get ants in the kitchen, you don't sit there with a pin and skewer the individual ants. You put away the sugar bowl, take out the trash and clean the fucking kitchen.

    You don't get angry at the ants. You clout your dirty teenager in the ear for being a slob.

    We need to do this with the cheating citizens who are driving the traffic of illegals. Roofers, restaurants, landscapers… scumbags who cheat on their taxes and pocket the money saved to screw over the law-abiding competition.

    My brother-in-law is an illegal. He's been here in the US for 20+ years. He's an extremely talented diesel mechanic and a total parasite, but I am not really angry at him. He makes $15 an hour under the table, in a job that pays $80-100,000 a year plus benefits to citizens with the same certifications. His employer is pocketing the difference. His employer is a criminal and a thief. My brother in law is just a mosquito. His employer is vampire. Both are blood suckers, but scale is an issue.
    My own position is that illegals don't steal jobs from citizens. Citizens give jobs to illegals.
    Enjoy that restaurant folks. Just don't look in the kitchen.

  4. One entertaining suggestion I saw was to expand and extend the Rio Grande to become a full sized canal splitting the U.S. from Mexico.

    Probably more trouble than it's worth, but I like the idea as it also gimps any attempt to screw up the Panama Canal.

  5. It has occurred to me to ask a simple question.
    Once the massive influx of illegals are made legitimate won't they fall under the same purview as any other US worker once they force that $15 minimum wage upon us?
    Businesses supposedly hire illegals because they will work cheap under conditions OSHA would never tolerate, and if they fuss about treatment their employer can threaten them with La Migra.
    Current proposals by our current administration would have to make those arrangements disappear.
    Or so it would seem to me.

  6. I'm pretty sure the Zhou Bai Den administration doesn't care about the effects on employment or any other economic effect of an open border. They want two things:

    1. New "voters," who'll be completely dependent on the Dems/Marxists (but I repeat myself) and will vote for them forever to keep the money coming.

    2. Terrorists, narcotraficante soldiers, Chinese AKMs and other foreign weapons, and all the "common" criminals (burglars, robbers, rapists, gang members, etc.) who come along with the people looking for work or welfare. All of the above will boost the crime rate, scare the sheep, and give the Marxists the excuse to pass draconian gun control, take over policing from locals, and put their boots on the necks of anyone opposing them. For a Marxist, crime, violence, anarchy and chaos are a feature, not a bug.

  7. Rebuttal to above:

    1) "Voting" stopped mattering over 6 months ago.
    It's all a sham now.
    The Dems can win elections even when they lose, so they don't need the votes. Just like money, they'll create them electronically.

    2) Criminals, not paying attention to laws or TPTB, are notoriously hard to control, and tend to turn on their masters rather handily and readily. People who let murderers and terrorists move in their house tend to wake up with their throats slit.
    This will be no exception.

    Turning the border zone into a free-fire area benefits no one, except those willing to wipe out all comers. Whether that turns out to be them, or us, is the open question.

    That it will devolve to that in due course is now only a question of when, not if.

    Considering they'll be dealing with cartels who hang corpses from bridges and put heads in duffel bags, I would not rule out the idea that we'll see illegals' heads on the border fence, or their bodies staked out as scarecrows a la the Forbidden Zone in Planet Of The Apes is not out of the realm of probability, and likelier than not.

  8. Aesop:

    I agree with you about voting being less important, but importing voters / dependents has been a core goal of the Left for years. I still hear my "Woke friends" talk about how all illegals in the US need to be on the path to citizenship. I guess we might agree to disagree.

    I also don't disagree with you about the downsides of dealing with cartel, but that doesn't prevent the Lefty politicians from thinking they can do anything they want and never personally be affected by their choices. In the short term, they benefit from declaring an emergency, and in the long run, they plan to live lives that are protected from what's coming over the border.

    I've lived in Mexico and have personally witnessed some of these things, including taking cover and hiding during a gunfight between two gangs who were using full-auto AKs and grenades. Tossing grenades into crowds was a popular cartel terror tactic in Michoacan back in the day. I don't want to see any of this stuff here, but I'm certain the folks running Biden would love a mass shooting with a full-auto AK from China. They could claim it was made by "white supremacists" and call for mass confiscations.

    So my reason for thinking they're doing #2 is that they're stupid and short-sighted. The Mexican govt. tried to use the cartels to limit violence, and it backfired on them.

    Love your blog!


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