Child sexual abuse under cover of the education system?

I was astounded to read this article by a blogger calling herself “Autistic Momma”.

Our story begins 3 years ago when our 6th child was born. The changes caused our then 7 year old autistic child to experience anxiety and frustration. He began biting his hands as a way to cope. We documented each bite and the school was aware. We implemented in home services and within 2 months the biting stopped. We thought this was the end of the story but we would later realize that it was only the beginning.

Fast forward 3 years, our 3 year old autistic son starts preschool in the same school as our now 10 year old. A week and a half into school we received an email saying that he had been scratched by another child on the playground. No big deal, kids will be kids.

Two weeks later our sons got off the bus. I asked my older son if he had seen his younger brother in school. He put his head down, said no and ran in the opposite direction. I thought it was odd but I didn’t push. He came back a few minutes later and said “I saw him in the nurse’s office”. We questioned why and his response was “to look at our bodies” the entire time he smacked his body and cried. We didn’t push and comforted him the best we could.

Meanwhile, I called and left the nurse a message. That night she called me back. I asked why my children were in her office and why was she looking at their bodies. She said she did it every day to them. Her reason for them being together during this process? My younger son wouldn’t comply. He cried and tried to run so they brought his older brother in to coerce him into compliance. She said it was “protocol”. I asked where the protocol was and she just kept repeating that it was protocol. I asked to see the written protocol. She replied with “it isn’t written”. I informed her that this was against my beliefs on bodily autonomy. She told me that she didn’t need my permission and didn’t need to tell me that it was being done. I informed her that she was grooming my children for a predator. She became angry. She said she had been doing it to my older son for 3 years and it was done twice a day. Wait? Did you just say 3 years? Twice a day? For 3 years you’ve been searching my child’s body without my permission or knowledge? How long did it happen to my younger son? Every day for almost 4 weeks. Years and weeks of violating their rights and privacy. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. I just couldn’t. I informed her that my children wouldn’t be returning to school until I had answers. I hung up and started my email trail.

There’s more at the link, and in a follow-up article.  I urge you to read the whole thing.  It’s stomach-churning.

If this is true, then heads need to roll, and people need to be in prison.  If those had been my children, I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted on learning the news.  My anger would undoubtedly have been so great that . . . well, let’s not go there.

If this conduct can be proved, then every single person who either permitted it, or tolerated it, or authorized it, or carried it out, needs to be fired, and barred from ever working with children again.  Furthermore, they need to be on trial for permitting, or encouraging, or tolerating, or allowing, the sexual abuse of children.  They deserve to be in prison for the rest of their lives.

What say you, readers?  And what will you do to make sure something like this isn’t happening in a school or schools in your area?

As Vox Day points out:

You know how when these pedophile arrests are announced and the police talk about how they found thousands of images on the evil bastard’s computer? Well, where do you think those photographs are being taken? I’ll bet that a lot of them are being taken at elementary schools, in the nurse’s office, by school employees. Notice that the entire administrative system of the school, including the principal and the superintendent, was immediately summoned to try to defend the nurse against charges that should have resulted in her immediate arrest by the police.

. . .

The overall scale of the corruption in the United States is so vast, and so shocking, that … even good Christians are going to find it very hard to accept the reality of the literally Satanic evil.

Again, more at the link.

The guilty need to be brought to justice.  Quickly.



  1. Absent express parental consent, I am legally and ethically barred, as well as by hospital policy, from doing anything whatsoever to a minor child unless I'm acting in an emergency capacity to save their life, in case of something like choking or cardio-pulmonary arrest, or to save a limb or body part from imminent danger of loss.

    Any other action without parental consent is battery on a minor child, unless they're in formal and legal police custody, and the officer in charge takes all civil responsibility for what follows. There's nothing that prevents me from using my eyes to see what is obvious, but exposure of their bodies under clothing, or even taking vital signs, would put me in violation of the law, at risk for arrest, prosecution, and forfeiture of my license to practice. If sexual battery was alleged and sustained, I would be a sexual predator, and have to register for life.
    Anyone assisting me or instigating this in any way under the same circumstances would be an equally culpable co-conspirator, and all of us would be violating state mandatory reporting requirements regarding child abuse, merely for failing to notify Child Protective Services of even one such incident.

    Everyone who participated in or had knowledge of the acts described in that post need to be arrested, prosecuted, and civilly sued, to the legal maximum punishments available under the governing statutes, and fired, for cause, with a transparent public explanation of all particulars. This is simply beyond the pale of any standard of proper conduct by the school authorities, in any capacity.

    And BTW, the silly idiot(s) involved have opened up the school district, its board, the staff of the school, its administration, and the state itself, to a virtually unlimited amount of legal damages as a result of trying to make up ad hoc fairytale "policy" out of what black hats at Fort Benning refer to as their "fourth point of contact".

    Everyone from the principal to the nurse to any and every teacher there who knew about any of this should be frog-marched into black-and-whites in handcuffs, booked, fingerprinted, and taken to the nearest court for immediate criminal arraignment.

    What's alleged to have taken place is simply outrageous.
    This is the sort of thing that has blind colonels talking about "taking a flamethrower to this place, and I'm just getting started!"

  2. +1 Aesop, plus in MI and NY (where I am licensed to practice nursing), I would lose my licensure and never be able to practice nursing again. But my vote is to get to the bottom of it, send everyone involved to prison (not just jail)and homeschool the kids.
    Yikes! Just Yikes!!

  3. I can assure you, the parents had no knowledge until days before the blog was written.

    Also, the local police and a state investigating agency declined to persue the issue, even with being shown the evidence by the parents and the school (the documents showing the searches happened). The district was unable to provide any policy or even a record of an approval for the searches to take place.

  4. WHAT THE F***?

    I'd have probably already considered burning down the school.

    The state nursing licensure board should be asked to investigate this as well.

    If the police are declining prosecution, bring it to the state police. Bring it to the FBI. Find every person involved and bring a complaint against them at their professional licensing organizations.

    And go outside the local press to raise this story.

  5. The family needs a State Senator, the Governor, or possibly a Federal Judge to get involved. This behavior is criminal and amounts to sexual battery on a minor, and that's just for openers. Run a thorough background investigation on the suspects and I'm betting you'll find child porn and other cases of abuse.

    This is not this school administration's first rodeo. There are others, and it's been going on for years.

    1. There is physical evidence the searches have happened on more than just these 2 children in that school. The school has also admitted to conducting searches on other children.

  6. If there is one other case, this is a pedophile ring, and it's now an open criminal conspiracy.

    If anyone above the level of the school's administration knew about it, even once, and failed to report it, they are criminally and civilly culpable of major felonies as well.

    And I wouldn't punish the children there, or the innocent employees, and the taxpayers themselves, by burning down the school.

    Certain persons handcuffed to gasoline-soaked tree trunks, OTOH, and set alight while alive, would make the point rather nicely…

    This is egregious criminal conduct against minors, and if the local authorities, from school board to police to prosecutors, are more worried about damage control than investigation, they each need a tree trunk of their own, too.

    In a fair world, it'd also be televised live on community access.

    Were any victims kin of mine, the warning of things to come would be .22s through the kneecaps for the main suspects, and their current enablers in officialdom.

    When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable.

  7. My sincere solution? Let's get rid of schools. I'm sick and tired of them. I admit, I am biased, as I loathed school more than I can describe with words, but at this point in time I think they are more trouble than they are worth. Teacher's unions siphoning hundreds of millions of dollars, kids being bullied mercilessly, time wasted not learning stuff that you can find elsewhere, and all the other violence that comes with them.

    Earlier this year I suggested banning schools as a joke retort to ideas of gun banning. Now it's looking like a much more real solution. So why not? Let's get on it. Get rid of schools and I won't run the risk of scalping anyone trying to take advantage of kids.

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