Circle K can do without my business

I note that Circle K has seen fit to fire a clerk who displayed real courage and presence of mind when confronted by armed robbers. Fox 10 reports:

Eric Henderson was unemployed for two straight years before getting a job at a Circle K in Pensacola. Henderson said he’s been working as a sales clerk for the last 4 months. And the job was going smoothly until three robbery suspects showed up.

“She starts yelling shoot him, shoot him!” said Henderson.

Before the suspects had a chance to shoot, Henderson said he saw an opportunity to take the gun from 25-year-old Verna Sealey.

“I grabbed her around the neck and slammed her on the ground and grabbed the gun in both my hands,” Henderson said.

Henderson said Circle K’s policy states clerks are not to provoke, chase or engage a robber. When managers saw the footage of Henderson fighting back, he said they fired him.

“I don’t recommend anybody to put your life in danger, but in my opinion this clerk had an opportunity. He obviously felt like he was in danger and he saw an opportunity to save himself,” Detective Dylan Stackpole said.

There’s more at the link, including a video report.

If Circle K rewards that sort of heroism by firing the guy, they can do without my business from now on. May I request those of my readers who feel likewise to please boycott them as well – and, in addition, to contact them, to let them know why none of us will be darkening their doorstep from now on? Perhaps, if they hear from enough of us, they might change this damnfool policy. I won’t be doing business with them unless and until they do – and until they give Mr. Henderson his job back.



  1. "Shoot him! Shoot him!" doesn't sound like a "robbery." It sound like an plan to commit murder. (Duh)

    "Don't fight to protect company property," is a policy I can tolerate. "Don't fight to protect you own life?" Um, NO.

  2. Er, they were gonna kill him.

    Are there any rules anout dying for Circle K.

    If he was to be fired it should have been because he didn't KILL the two robbers when he had a chance.

  3. I am not defending the companies that do this, they are more afraid of getting sued by the families of these guttersnipes that smell a lottery judgment than doing the right thing. That being said, I quit darkening circle K a few years ago for a similer incident. The companies need to grow a backbone and we need tort reform.

  4. Circle K left my area years ago. If they were still here, I'd definitely boycott their stores.

    I'm thinking Henderson showed a lot of retraint. I'd have done everything in my power to elminate any future threats. Armed robbers are deranged animals and should be treated as such.

  5. They probably did him a favor, actually, since convenience stores are magnets for lowlife scum that like to rob easy targets.

    I'm still sending Circle-jerK an email about their dumbass policy, though.

  6. The policy makes good corporate and personal sense. It's the implementation.

    Somebody should sit Mr. Henderson down and inform him that the company would like him not to confront robbers. That would be an appropriate response.

    Firing him was ridiculous.

    As I said in my letter to Circle K, I'd like to see some corporate functionary remember a company policy with one of multiple robbers screaming "shoot him" and a gun in his face. Until they try it for themselves, they are in no position to judge Mr. Henderson.

  7. Done. I sent a shortie. What is so hilarious is that Henderson probably was hired because he DID have some brains and initiative. Little did he know ….

  8. CK is in a partnership with Kroeger/Fry's. Might want to send them a letter as well, explaining how this stupid decision is losing them money.

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