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Back in 2014 I put up a video of Deep Purple‘s 1996 performance of ‘When A Blind Man Cries‘ at the Montreux Jazz Festival.  I happened to glance at that blog post today, and found that the video clip I’d used is no longer available to American viewers, thanks to the idiosyncrasies of modern copyright law.  Since it’s a favorite piece, and since Steve Morse‘s guitar improvisation on that number is among his most beloved riffs, I thought I’d find an equally good rendition for your (and my) musical enjoyment.

I found a video of the 1996 Montreux performance, but without live images;  if you’d like to hear it, it’s here.  However, I also found this video.  Steve Morse had only just joined Deep Purple before the Montreux appearance, but in this later one he’s really mastered the band’s tunes and makes the most of them.

Classic rock indeed!  Steve Morse is a worthy successor to Ritchie Blackmore, IMHO.


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  1. If I don't listen to a couple of songs froom Unsung Heroes once a month, I get grouchy. Morse is indeed a great guitar player.

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