Cleanliness as an art form?

I’ve never viewed a bathtub as anything other than utilitarian, but it seems Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky has other ideas.

We’re not talking about your traditional marble tub, affixed to the floor, suited to your regular Joe Blow here. Oh no, no –  this is a hanging, clear glass sphere that acts as both bath and shower, with settings for you to alter its internal temperature, humidity, light, sounds and smell. It even simulates rain. How fancy! I mean, who doesn’t want to expose their bits while trying to float in a glass bubble, smack-bang in the middle of the lounge room?

There’s more at the link.  You can see a more technical diagram of his BathSphere here.

A perspex bath globe, suspended from the ceiling.  Hmm . . . I wonder what it would do in an earthquake?  It might turn out to be a wild (and wet) ride!



  1. Y'all ninja'd me.

    Bob, as best as I can tell, there is a drain in the floor under it, and they must have some sort of valve to empty it out the bottom. The four alternative way I can think of to do it are all worse.

    Bob the fool

  2. Curiously enough if you suspend it in a flexible manner, the ride would be an awful lot smoother than one might imagine!

  3. The most sense able weird bath I've heard of was a remodeled commerical garage, the bath/shower were in the re-done grease pit of the old garage. Walk down the steps into the shower, or fill to become a bath. Complete with hydro-jets, of course…..

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