1. Likely because they prayed something like this

    Insofar as I may be heard by anything, which may or may not care what I say, I ask, if it matters, that you be forgiven for anything you may have done or failed to do which requires forgiveness. Conversely, if not forgiveness but something else may be required to insure any possible benefit for which you may be eligible after the destruction of your body, I ask that this, whatever it may be, be granted or withheld, as the case may be, in such a manner as to insure your receiving said benefit. I ask this in my capacity as your elected intermediary between yourself and that which may not be yourself, but which may have an interest in the matter of your receiving as much as it is possible for you to receive of this thing, and which may in some way be influenced by this ceremony. Amen.

    With thanks to Roger Zelazny from Creatures of Light and Darkness

  2. Quite to the contrary – the votive lights worked quite well…just not quite the way that the Demoncraps, the anti-Trumpers and the rest of the Rabid Opposition wanted them to work!…

  3. They worked!

    Trump is NOT a pawn of Putin, nor even a colluder.

    America is SAVED!

    (Was this whole stuff really just to avoid Flynn being in charge of Intel, and doing an audit of all the cash spent secretly, so far with no accounting?)

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