Clearly, this wasn’t designed by a cat owner

It seems that Charmin is developing an outsize toilet paper roll, so that users won’t have to change it for up to a month.

However, as any cat owner will tell you, the feline species appears to take delight in unwinding a toilet paper roll.

I should think cats will find that monster roll absolutely irresistible.  Their owners might have to spend the next couple of days in a hotel room, while a cleanup service de-TP’s their entire home!

I suspect this is going to have unintended consequences . . .



  1. we had a little one who pulled out all issues from the open type boxes and then curled up inside

  2. That roll looks like one of those you buy from an industrial supply house, you know, where the paper can double as fine grit polishing cloth.

    A roll that large, in a bathroom, that has things getting splashed and wetness and other acts of destruction by adults, not even including attacks by dogs, cats, ferrets, children, pigs (well, since people have started making pets out of bacon factories…,) and other small grabby things.

    No… Just… No…

    Change the roll once in a while like an adult.

    Some people's lazy kids…

  3. A month? My wife could go through that one in under week. I did have a cat once who enjoyed unrolling TP. I simply reversed the roll and when it no longer made a pile on the floor he lost interest.

    1. Yup. Just reverse the roll. That's what we've always done.
      Of course I wouldn't have a roll that size anyway. Just dumb.

  4. I'm thinking some advertising genius came up with this, using one of their commercial style rolls, to gain a lot of free publicity.

    As to the cat issue, the roll is mounted backwards, cat owners know the free end goes to the back.

  5. Cats? Think toddlers and such. *shudder*
    Imagine that wad going all at once into a toilet bowl.

  6. This is bad enough with conventional house cats. I can't understand the thinking of those who think they can keep several/caracal cats as pets.

  7. The cat issue – shut the bathroom door behind you. A squirt bottle is just as effective a tool for training humans as cats…just saying.

  8. You know, going whole hog and installing not only the industrial sized roll, but also the industrial sized dispenser would definitely frustrate the designs of both cats and small children.

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