Close call!

Just goes to show . . . when a wildfire strikes, get the heck out of there before it’s too late.  Your guardian angel – in this case, a passing TV crew – may not get there in time.

I think he made it out of there by the proverbial skin of his teeth.  They all did.



  1. I'm wondering if that guy knew how to drive a grader? It looks like he got hung up on the blade when it hit the road embankment. You can't climb like that, it needs to parallel the road first, and then try to edge onto it.
    The real question is why was he running crosscountry with the blade mounted? They are very bad at it, with the blade hanging up on every high spot.

  2. Will – I'm wondering if he was trying to cut a fire break. Remember, most of the guys and gals who run graders, snowplows, EMS, and firefighters in those rural areas of Kansas and Oklahoma are volunteers. Therefore, he probably doesn't have a lot of experience at getting out of trouble. Most of his grader work is smoothing the ruts out of dirt roads after it rains or opening up roads for the school buses to get down after it snows.

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