Coming in with a bang

It seems this Silk Way Airlines Boeing 747 freighter ran into wind shear at the foot of the runway at Holland’s Schipol Airport back in April.  The result was this very hard landing.  Note the shaking of the wing and its attachments, and the way the plane is tossed onto a different heading by the time it touches down for the second time.  That was a hairy landing, and no mistake!

Glad I wasn’t on board . . .



  1. Better check all those tires for flat spots. There may be an established hard landing check procedure. I would think all mechanical systems and and any accessible structures ought to be looked at.

  2. I agree–I'd hate to be sitting on a board during that! Sounds uncomfortable.
    I'm glad I wasn't aboard the airplane, as well.
    –Tennessee Budd

  3. Schipol Airport is known for crazy wind patterns. I have been on a couple planes that bounced but none as hard as that.

  4. Well – there are always going to be those who opine that any landing that you can walk (crawl?) away from has to be considered "a good one"…and then set out to prove it, first chance available…

  5. Schiphol can have … interesting … weather. There was a big storm a couple of years back and I was on one of the last flights to be allowed to land. That was a firm landing too.

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