Curiously captivating music

While listening to one of Blackmore’s Night‘s tracks on YouTube, I happened to read the list of related videos provided on the right of the screen. One referred to a song with the same title as the one I was listening to, but by a musician I’d never heard of, someone named Mark Boals. On an impulse, I clicked over to it, presuming it was his version of the same song I’d just heard. Instead, it was a completely different piece of music, which I found captivating. I must have played it dozens of times today, and I still haven’t tired of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Here’s Mark Boals with ‘Keeper Of The Flame’, from his second solo album, ‘Ring Of Fire‘.

I liked it so much I tried to find out more about Mark Boals. Wikipedia has a good introductory article about him. It seems he has a remarkably wide vocal range, much more so than most singers. That certainly comes out on this track, but what’s even more impressive is that his lyrics remain understandable, unlike so much heavy rock music where one has to look them up in order to grasp them. (He’s also sung Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, and done it very well, too!)

Mr. Boals is definitely someone I want to learn more about, and hear more of his music.


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