I have no idea whether or not this is true – certainly, in all the years I flew with KLM and passed through Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, I never saw one of these critters.  Nevertheless, it’s cute and funny.

Nice to hear Dutch again, too.  I recall (with a grin) a police dog (a Belgian Malinois) that had been acquired at great expense by a sheriff’s department near me, some years ago.  It had been trained to respond only to commands in Dutch, to prevent bad guys giving it orders that it might obey.  The handler’s chagrin was epic when I started giving it orders in Dutch, too, and it was happy to obey me!  (Perhaps the treats I was holding out to it at the time had something to do with that . . . )



  1. Yep, good story, if fake. We always got to go in and out of Eindhoven, with the drug dogs going over us coming AND going… sigh

  2. Peter,

    As far a communicating with police dogs, I'll quote Tom Meijer* "Dutch is not a language, it is a disease of the throat."

    *For many years Happy Station Host

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