Cute – and bitey!

Found on Gab, this caracal kitten:

I’ve handled caracal kittens in an animal rescue center in South Africa.  They’re very kittenish and playful, but when they use their claws and/or teeth, you know all about it!

Here are a couple of 6-week-old caracal kittens at an Oregon zoo.



  1. To be fair if you dangle your toes over the end of the bed with your ordinary kitten you are going to find out about it. My niece went to the zoo to see these, says they are the cutest ever.

  2. It is always important to remember that, in the history of mankind, no feline has ever been domesticated by man. Felines have domesticated mankind.

  3. People regularly have 100# dogs as pets and they can wrestle around and snuggle and play….NO ONE has a cat as a pet weighing more than 100# and does that…that's a terrible idea.

  4. Many years ago, my landlady had three large housecats with a uniformly nasty disposition. They were in the neighborhood of 20 lbs, I estimated. I never went near them without a broom in hand. One evening one of them attacked her, and left her with bone exposed in a lower leg. Had to cart her off to a doctor.
    She still kept the cats around for a while, until her son visited and took them away. I love cats, but these were well past the point of being considered "pets".

  5. 100# Cat? That would be solidly insane. Even a bobcat or a lynx tops out at about 40# and they'd be terrifying (seriously you do NOT mess with a bobcat…) 100# is skating into female mountain lion / puma territory.

    And yes we had a 22# house cat. He was a gentle fellow and hard to take seriously as he had a coat pattern that made him look more like a Holstein cow than a cat. But if he struggled (like when he got into fresh paint and needed bathing) you knew you'd been in a fight. And he refrained from using the tools nature gave him. If he had decided to bite or claw I'm not sure even a mail shirt would have been sufficient protection…

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