Dad of the Year?

Now and again a feel-good story comes along that just makes me smile.  This one’s from Long Island, where a father built a 10-foot-elevation luge for his little kids.  Well, if Mother Nature’s going to snow all over you, may as well make the most of it!  Just look at the fun the kids are having.  (The action begins about 30 seconds into the clip.)

Good for Dad!  I bet he gets their vote for Father of the Year.


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  1. Fantastic!.
    I CAN SEE backyard luge building absolutely exploding!.
    The father is one smart dude indeed.
    The kids haven't twigged onto the fact that, as they are having a whale of a time, – they're learning.
    each trip is a class in physics, science, time and motion, friction co-efficient, air/ground velocity application, (the theory of), oh hell, just SO much!.
    One question.
    Can I come and play. please….

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