Deep Purple covers by Blackmore’s Night

I’ve mentioned Blackmore’s Night in these pages before. It’s the Renaissance/folk rock group founded by Ritchie Blackmore, formerly of Deep Purple and Rainbow, and the lady who subsequently became his wife, Candice Night.

Blackmore’s Night has covered some of Deep Purple’s heavy rock classics in acoustic, neo-folk style, and I greatly enjoy them.  Here are two to whet your appetite.  First, the classic ‘Child In Time‘, in a shorter version preceded and followed by the Renaissance tune ‘Mond Tanz’, complete with Candice Night playing the Rauschpfeife.

Next, here’s the group’s rendition of ‘Soldier of Fortune‘, written by David Coverdale and Ritchie Blackmore back in the 1970’s.

There’s much more of Blackmore’s Night’s music on YouTube, if you’re interested.  They released their eighth studio album, ‘Dancer And The Moon‘, earlier this year.  They’re part of my permanent listening rotation as I write my books.



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