Dental and wallet OUCH!

Poor Miss D.  I mentioned last week that she was having dental trouble sufficiently nasty to require a visit to an endodontist.  Well, she saw him this morning.  Turns out that she needs two root canal treatments, on adjacent teeth.  That is not going to be fun . . . and neither is paying for it. The endodontist doesn’t do crowns – he only cleans out the roots – so we’re going to have to go back to a regular dentist to have two crowns fitted, over and above the specialist charges.  As I said earlier, thank heavens we have an emergency “rainy day fund”.  It’s going to see heavy use, this month and next!

Please keep Miss D. in your prayers.  The pain is sufficiently bad that she’s not sleeping well, and she has to go on antibiotics until the procedure so as to prevent infection from a previous attempt at a root canal (which didn’t work, and resulted in the endodontist’s services being required).  I really feel for her, having had a few too many root canal treatments in my time.

Those of you who have good teeth, count your blessings!



  1. Highly recommend a drop of Oil of Cloves on the affected area. Does wonders for infections and preventing them.

  2. I am getting my remaining teeth removed this coming 24th. I have a family history of bad teeth and am a bit surprised that some of them have lasted this long.

    I am having full implants installed. Talk about expensive? Most have no idea.

    They advertise "same day surgery" which may be true, but it takes six weeks of preparation – X-rays, 3D X-rays, impressions, manufacture, etc.

    At least I should be able to chew on a steak once again.

  3. This almost sounds like LawDog who keeps going back to the ER when he finishes paying the bills from last time.

    As far as root canals go…by the time I need one, I'm in enough pain from my teeth, that the root canal itself is a welcome relief.

  4. I don’t know any of your important details, but one word: CEREC.. This is a way of doing this sort of surgery in one visit. The crowns are made right there in the office, with some fancy CAD/CAM/CNC, in about 20 minutes.

    I had an old root canal replaced several weeks ago. Old one removed, gum tissue cut away with a laser, new crown designed and made, and the whole thing was two hours.

    If there’s a CEREC dentist in town, I highly recommend it.

  5. I understand. There was one year when I finally got rid of the debt the former husband saddled me with, that I got my teeth updated. I could have bought a car for what I paid.

  6. Keep track of what it costs you. Dental work is medical work and can potentially be itemized for your tax return. I know this because I needed a LOT of it.

  7. Sent both daughters to Japan for expensive dental work. Cost plus tickets there was about equal to cost of just dentistry here.

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