Devastating evidence of the danger of COVID-19 vaccines


We spoke recently about the VAERS data for COVID-19 vaccines in the USA, and noted:

In just the first four months of this year, the U.S. government has recorded more deaths after COVID vaccinations than from all other vaccines administered in the United States between mid-1997 and the end of 2013. That’s a period of fifteen and a half years.

There’s much more at the link.

In Europe, similar data is gathered and analyzed by the European Medicines Agency and Eudravigilance, the “European Database of Suspected Adverse Drug Reaction Reports”.  Guess what?  They’re reporting exactly the same trend in Europe as we’re seeing in this country.  In brief, as of 24th July 2021, they report no less than 19,790 deaths and 2,062,703 “injuries” (i.e. non-fatal adverse reactions) to all COVID-19 vaccinations.  The raw data is shown below;  click on the image for a larger view.  I’m obliged to Gab user Don for compiling the combined chart, which I’ve verified by going to the Eudravigilance Web site.

We don’t know what caused all of those casualties.  They’re simply lists of people who died, or exhibited adverse reactions, after getting the vaccination.  We can’t be sure whether the vaccine caused the reaction, or whether the injury came from some other cause (e.g. a motor vehicle accident, or a heart attack caused by some other disease, or whatever).  That’ll take further investigation, which is doubtless ongoing at the moment.  Nevertheless, the raw, unfiltered numbers are a cause for very serious concern.  If even a quarter of them are caused by the vaccines (which is probably a very conservative estimate), that’s a catastrophically large number.  Some may object that compared to the tens of millions who’ve been vaccinated, it’s actually small by comparison – but that’s cold comfort to those who’ve died or suffered adverse reactions.  “Oh, you’re just a statistical anomaly!  Get over it!”  Yeah, right!

Note, too, that neither VAERS nor Eudravigilance are isolated sources, contradicting others.  Almost every authoritative source I’ve been able to find is confirming that deaths and serious adverse reactions after COVID-19 vaccination are rampant.  To cite just one more headline:  “5,522 People have Died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in Scotland according to Public Health Scotland“.  It’s far from the only example.  Given that level of nastiness, nobody in his or her right mind should trust the vaccines at their present level of development.

I’m not anti-vaccine at all.  If you can show me a guaranteed effective, guaranteed non-dangerous vaccine against COVID-19, I’ll take it in a heartbeat.  However, right now, considering the reported side effects, there is no such vaccine.  I refuse to be stampeded into accepting the current, apparently flawed products out there.  When both VAERS and Eudravigilance report the number of problems and issues that they are, that’s a great big red flashing DANGER sign, as far as I’m concerned.  The fact that the vaccine manufacturers will only do so if they have legal immunity from any adverse reactions to their product is another.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the powers that be are on the brink of imposing swingeing sanctions on anybody who refuses to be vaccinated.  It may be that we’ll soon be forbidden to enter shops, cinemas, hospitals, or any other public buildings unless we can prove that we’ve been vaccinated.  I suspect some of the “freer” states, like Texas, will resist this;  but if the head office of a supermarket chain orders its shops to implement such a policy, there’s not much a state can do about it.  I’m sure millions of freedom-minded Americans will resist, but it’ll become increasingly hard to do so.

I can only suggest planning ahead, and figuring out ways to resist such pressure.  Perhaps those who’ve been forced to get the vaccine in order to keep their jobs can do the shopping for those who haven’t.  Perhaps community pressure on shops and other institutions can persuade them to respect people’s individual rights.  On the other hand, the pressure may become so overwhelming that it’s no longer possible to resist.

If that happens, note carefully the names and other pertinent information of every single politician, bureaucrat and administrator who imposes such a requirement on us.  If, as a result of their policies, people die or suffer serious health issues, then hold them accountable by any means available.  Shun them.  Make them social pariahs.  Refuse to do business with them, refuse to serve them in shops, refuse to allow them to enter into normal human society.  I won’t advocate for direct retaliation against them, but I’m sure some will think long and hard about that – to which I can only point out that “two wrongs don’t make one right”.

I think it’s abundantly clear by now, on the basis of official statistics, that the COVID-19 vaccines are much more dangerous than their predecessors for other illnesses.



  1. So crunching the numbers

    I'm not sure how many people have been vaccinated in Europe. I suspect it is of the order of 100M-200M. Assuming 100M, which is certainly an under estimate, we're looking at a fatality rate of 19k/100M = 19/100k I think it's probably closer to half that (i.e. 19/200M ~= 10/100k = 1/10000 = 0.01%)

    That's an order of magnitude worse than any other vaccine BUT it is probable that as you point out many of the vaccine deaths will turn out to be due to other causes. Also, As Alex Berenson has stated, it looks like a number of the deaths are from people who were pretty old/sick anyway.

    Plus there's multiple vaccines in the DB. I'm sure someone will do the breakdowns by vaccine

  2. "If that happens, note carefully the names and other pertinent information of every single politician, bureaucrat and administrator who imposes such a requirement on us."

    Well said, Peter.

    I won't advocate direct retaliation against them either, for their act of war against us *non-experiment people*. Yes, it seems to me that somehow restricting the freedom to associate, with access to necessities, IS an act of war.

    That is an act of tyranny. It may be better for those that would tyrant against us non-experimental humans to have a millstone tied around their necks and be tossed into the sea, than to harm one of the little ones.

    It is becoming apparent that Claire Wolfe was wrong back in the 1990's, and she is still wrong. Death to tyrants, and their families. BFYTW.

  3. The chorus is growing louder.

    I might – MIGHT – get the J&J jab if my workplace agrees to foot my medical bill if they make it mandatory. Otherwise, no.

  4. Peter,

    I am working at 19 Dermatologist's offices. All the docs and employees (more than 100 people) are now inoculated twice since months.
    Adding up my relatives, friends and neigbors, my wife and me come close to knowing 200 vaccinated people.
    Nothing except the usual side effects (most had some minor pain at the arm, some experienced shivering, sweating and flu-like symptoms). No one longer than 3 days, younger people more the the elder ones. I felt nothing, but my blood count of antibodies says I'm immune.

    But we all know people who died of covid, also younger ones. And a lot of patients give me first-hand reports about ugly long-covid effects ailing their loved ones.

    I noticed Aesop reporting about the impact of Corona on his patients.

    These "alternative facts" about covid being harmless and vaccination being dangerous slowly starts to piss me off. Freedom of speech and all that, think what you want but do not get angry if most people with two brain cells to rub together may call you idiots…

    Pardon my french.

    But I am perfectly unable to understand flat-earthers. Neither Covid-deniers.


    1. Problem is it hasn’t been tested long term. What if in 10 years we find out that it increased your likelihood to contract cancer by ten fold?? Still worth it for a virus that most have a 99.9% chance of surviving?

  5. If I can be Devil's Advocate:

    Early in the vaccination process, high-risk people were preferentially vaccinated, meaning people over 65 and/or with medical conditions which would make Covid more likely to be fatal. These are the very people likely to die anyway, whether they got the Fauci-Ouchy or not.

    Comparing numbers for Covid vaccines against "all other vaccines" skews the numbers even more, since (a) as above, high-risk people were more likely to get the Covid jab and (b) assuming they really mean "all other vaccines", the majority of vaccines are given to children, i.e. the very population that's unlikely to die of any cause.

    Not saying there's nothing there, and the numbers definitely require a closer look, but if we're going to insist upon following the science we need to do so ourselves.

    Mark D

  6. Hansjoerg,

    How can anyone say "we've all known people who have died from Covid". Since the testing protocols (pcr tests) are grossly prone to error, how does one know definitively they've had covid? – How do you know that cause of death of individuals you've known wasn't the regular flu or pneumonia? These deaths have been lumped in as 'covid deaths' for the past year. This raises the obvious question, why would I take a vaccine for a disease that doesn't have a definitive test, that is not clearly defined and even with the skewed numbers, still has a survival rate of over 99% ? Calling people idiots for not trusting in fraud and obfuscation and questioning the rationale of injecting themselves with any rushed, experimental, gene altering therapy – whose negative health effects may not manifest immediately – is truly an example of Dunning Kruger syndrome! If only there was a vaccine for Dunning Kruger that you and your 200 friends could take….

  7. But if the "officials" used deaths from "other" comorbidities to inflate the number of covid deaths……why are folks all a-twitter about "just using covid deaths" for this chart?

  8. I can see the point about not comparing this to ALL vaccines, and high risks being over represented. How about we look at vaccines that had issues?

    The swine flu vaccine had about 50 fatalities reported and was pulled immediately after. That is the gold standard of taking a warning seriously.

    This level of possible deaths and injury is the gold standard of what the heck are you thinking, and is something else is going on?

    Unfortunately, like every other issue we face, folks have made up their mind, and facts don't matter. The incomplete picture or the trend doesn't mean wait, it means full steam ahead before I realize I'm wrong. And if I'm proved wrong, I'll double down and root in right here and fight to the death.

    I don't think it's balkanization…. it's emotionalization. And I'm weary of it.

  9. REV 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  10. At least here in Florida it's a $5000 fine for asking someone to prove they have been vaccinated – which is why the cruise business is so pissed at Desantis. Once they decide that they need to know everyone's full vaccination status, I might reconsider, but if you want to refuse me service because I might have C-19, while at the same time not caring a bit about whether or not I have measles, then I'm not the one denying science.

  11. So apparently hdemand's anecdotal evidence trumps Peter's anecdotal evidence. Interesting. At least Peter includes the caveat that it is a small number that is still being studied.

    Also, given that the number of people who died from Covid (taking the current statistics at face value) is also small if we exclude older people and those with pre-existing conditions other than age, claiming that the small percentage of people with adverse reactions is not important flies in the face of a year and a half of hysteria about Covid itself. If percentage of people who will die is the benchmark, why have we given this virus any more thought that we would any other contagious illness?

  12. Imagine if you will, a national database on gun violence where anyone can put a report into and have their report posted as long as a gun was present at the time. A person who broke their little toe playing paintball would be reported the same as a gangbanger shot dead during a drug deal gone bad. Two little girls who make finger guns at each other, shout 'bang' and then get into a fistfight would be there next to hunting accidents where drunken men fall out of tree stands set too high in rotten oaks on windy days.

    This is what VAERS has become over the years. While there are valid reports in there, indicative of actual problems there's a lot of just randomness.

    If you do not trust the numbers of COVID cases reported you should trust VAERS even less – it's the database where a scientist reported that a flu shot turned him into the Jolly Green Giant (ho, ho, ho) to win a bet. The report went up, he collected his winnings and then, because he felt bad about leaving the report and evidence of the wager there, contacted the database to have it removed.

  13. hdemand's comment meant to dehumanize anyone who disagrees with him by calling them idiots is exactly what will convince me to bend the knee and kiss those who have been telling me for 5 years to listen to them. Not going to happen.

    1. Yep, bought mine in January 2021. I bought ahead so if needed there wouldn't be any wait. AND I wanted to get mine before they tried to stop people from buying it.

  14. If you can show me a guaranteed effective, guaranteed non-dangerous vaccine against COVID-19, I'll take it in a heartbeat.

    A quibble, if I may: in the real world, with very large numbers, there is no such thing as a guarantee.

    I'd say the standard is a reasonably effective, reasonably non-dangerous vaccine. That's the standard we've used for every other vaccine.

    The problem is that COVID-19 has been so politicized, and our institutions so untrustworthy that we do not know if we have a reasonable vaccine.

  15. 1) The numbers of dead (let alone the absolute number of adverse effects) from the Vaxx would have stopped previous inoculation efforts in their tracks, and did, at a far earlier result, with every other vaccine in history.
    There is, quite simply, no way in hell I'll take any of the current vaccines, under any circumstances. You can't sue anyone if you're dead, btw.

    2) That Covid has serious consequences to a relatively small percentage of people is undeniable; nor is there any reason to try to describe it as "just the flu, bro". It has killed people, on average, at rates 15-25X worse than any flu year in recorded history. For but one example, the CFR in Califrutopia is >1.6%, which is 16x worse than the flu, ever.
    98.4% won't die, but 1.6% of the nearly 4M infected was enough to kill more people in CA, from Covid, in a year or so, than the number of people killed by guns or auto accidents in the entire U.S. in an average year. It's killed more people since last year in just CA than the entire US death toll in the Vietnam War, FFS.
    Covid is not "just the flu", it's "just the Vietnam War, bro".
    If that doesn't put it in perspective, you're not smart enough to be on the internet without grown-up supervision.

    3) Neither 1 nor 2 cancels the other one out. You can have a pandemic from a real disease, and still know that the Vaxx offered is a very, very bad idea.

    4) Anyone thinking about requiring proof of getting vaxxed, whether public or private entity, let alone for employment, should think long and hard about the inevitability of the following response:

    " You require proof of vaccination? Say, that's a really nice government/business/family you've got there. Be a real shame if someone threw gasoline on it and burned it to the ground, then went after every living relative you ever heard of, and did the same thing to them, too, wouldn't it?
    Or did you think you'd be able to ban gasoline and matches, too?

    Back in the day, there was a guy who hated dentists. They always lied about the pain. One day, inevitably, he had a toothache, and was in excruciating pain, and he went to a dentist who promised him, absolutely, that he could help him without making it worse.
    So as the dentist got him settled into the chair, and fired up his drill, the guy reached over and grabbed the dentist's private parts in an iron grip.
    What are you doing?" cried the dentist.
    The man replied, "Just so we understand each other, doc: if I hurt, you hurt. Clear? Proceed…"

    TPTB are about to find out what real pain is if they get stupid on this, in a very personal and intimate way.

    Just so we understand each other.

    "In a sluggish economy, never, EVER f### with another man's livelihood. Now, if you're smart, like I hope you are, you're not gonna make me come back here…" – Guido The Killer Pimp, Risky Business

  16. I'm 77. Got my Moderna Covid shots in Jan and Feb. No problems, except my left arm wouldn't go past horizontal that day (full range by day 7), and no problems with #2.

  17. Houston Methodist Hospital required the experimental "vaccine" of all of its employees, and fired 178 of us. We have filed a lawsuit and will be appealing it to the Supreme Court, funds permitting. This suit could set a precedent for other healthcare workers, and maybe even other workers.

    Keep track of it and perhaps contribute to the GoFundMe at

  18. At this point, it is ILLEGAL to require a these vaccines or discriminate against those who don't have it. It is an experimental medical procedure (at this point).
    Unfortunately, many people don't care what is legal or not and the lawsuits take time and money that many people don't have.

    Note, however, if it becomes necessary for you, that most states are not making a central record of vaccinations and also that the electronic PDF file of the card is widely available, as are pictures of properly filled out cards… there is no central mechanism for proving vaccination status, and in many states no mechanism AT ALL for it.
    It seems to me that if vaccination was so important, there would be a system for recording and proving status other than a paper card with handwriting, right?

  19. @Mark

    True, it doesn't make much sense to compare the COVID vaccines to childhood vaccines. But it makes a lot of sense to compare the COVID vaccines to the influenza vaccines; those largely have the same demographics. Toward that, last year, the influenza vaccines were associated with 26 deaths in the VAERS data with the CDC reporting that 51.8% of Americans received the flu vaccine during the 2019-2020 flu season. As of last Friday, the COVID vaccines were associated with 11,405 deaths in the VAERS data with the CDC reporting that 163M Americans were fully vaccinated and 342M doses were administered to date. VAERS may well be a very flawed tool, but if that isn't a warning signal, I don't know what is!

  20. I am holding off on the "Jab for a couple of reasons….First off, I have had Covid, and the second thing is that the 2nd shot killed my Dad back in April, 3 weeks to the day after his second jab, he was gone. My Stepmom said that 24 hours after his second shot, my Dad couldn't stay awake and all he did was sleep in the recliner, after a couple of days, she noticed that his torso was starting to swell as his legs that used to retain water, wasn't. And she started taking pictures and you could see the deterioration. So no, I will pass.

  21. I work at the VA, and as you have probably heard, the Vax has been mandated.
    I’ve had and recovered from COVID. As has the family.
    Not much point in taking a preventative vaccine for something I have already had.
    There is also plenty of evidence that taking the vaccine does not provide extra protection for those who have recovered from the virus.
    Surviving the virus gives equal or better protection than the vaccine.
    But no one in the halls of power talks about these facts.

    Also—agree with Aesop that “this is way more than just the flu”. I remember the 2009 flu epidemic, which was the worst one in recent history, and COVID has it beat by a mile. I’ve pronounced a lot of people in the last 18 months.

    Furthermore, “this vaccine is untested, potentially dangerous, and everyone should make their own risk/benefit analysis before taking it” is also true.
    I have recommended both for and against it to my patients, depending on the individual.

  22. if they have legal immunity from any adverse reactions to their product

    –they may have legal immunity but they don't have lead poisoning immunity, or 'burn in the fires of hell' immunity. Kill enough of peoples' loved ones, and someone WILL be coming for you. They may not believe it will happen but I think they're wrong. And all the mea culpa in the world won't be enough…

    Not my PLAN, just an observation.


  23. @Maniac: Ivermectin is available from most farm supply stores in animal dosages – injectable or paste. I've used it with no ill effects whatsoever, and it's a whole lot cheaper than pharmaceutical tablets. A whole lot of people are saying the same.

  24. For those interested in the Ivermectin treatment-which is the best IMHO, go to Ann has an entire section devoted to Ivermectin with dosages on both liquid injectable (don't!) and horse paste.

  25. I know three people who've had COVID. One described it as no big deal, one said it was a normal flu, and one said it was the worst flu she's ever had.

    I'm not vaxxed, and I only know personally one other individual who isn't. My daughter got the jab, and says that since the second shot (about 2 months ago), she's had continual pain in that arm.

    I don't intend to get jabbed, although I realize that my position may become untenable in future.

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