Different strokes for different drivers?

These video clips illustrate two very different ways to approach an obstacle in an all-terrain vehicle. Watch them in full-screen mode for best results.

Personally, I wouldn’t tackle a slope like that at all! I was waiting for one of them to roll over backwards . . .



  1. Your biggest worry on a slope like that is that your oil will run to the back of the crank case and the engine would go dry.

  2. I have to doubt the maturity of people who deliberately risk their lives just for the thrill of destroying the land.

  3. Looks like fun!

    I have done similar things in my Jeep and I haven't noticed any loss of oil pressure. Now when its on its side thing get a little dicey in the oil department, or so I heard. I haven't been lucky enough to flop mine yet.

    As for my maturity that can be questioned but not for the reasons you stated. The object is not to destroy the land. In fact the vast majority of us strive to do as little damage as possible. If the trails are damaged we wont be allowed back. We tend to be self policing when we see someone being a maroon on the trail so that we can come back.

    The thrill is in going up an obstacle without damaging anything, be it the land, the vehicle or a passengers psyche.

    If your ever in the area let me know I'd love to take you out and try to damage your calm on one of our trails!

  4. Jay Ater, I think the commenter you were replying to about "destroying the land" was intending scorn and contempt for those who dare to leave tire tracks in the "pristine wilderness." I know a few folks like that; usually, they work for BLM and consider any trace of mankind that's not at least 500 years old to be akin to a desecration of the Sistine Chapel via spraypaint.

    As for the hill climb there, the only word that can describe my attitude towards that is "NOPE!" With extra exclamation added by inference.

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