Disney profits from sexualizing our children


The fuss and bother over Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law – which is nothing of the sort – has infuriated me.  The law is a very straightforward regulation that prohibits any discussion of sexuality in schools that’s inappropriate for younger children;  but given the outcry from the progressive left, you’d think it was denying the very nature of education itself.  That’s nonsense, but a lot of unhinged loony-left critters are behaving as if it were true.

What makes me even more angry is to see Disney actively aiding and abetting this brouhaha.  It’s supposed to be a kid-friendly company, but more and more we’re seeing that it’s nothing of the sort – it’s using the sexualization of modern kids as a marketing tool, and positioning itself as a gay-friendly company to appeal to that demographic.  Witness its official statement on the Florida law.

As a (very) graphic example of this sexualization of children at work, consider the design of the “bubble wand” toys marketed in association with Disney’s “Frozen” movie franchise.

Could anything possibly be more blatant???  Really???  Do they think we’re blind?

I think Daniel Greenfield has the right of it.

Disney isn’t for kids anymore. Its movie business is dominated by Marvel blockbusters. Half of Disney+ subscribers, its big bet on the home streaming future, are adults with no children.

What about the theme parks?

60% of Disneyland visitors were adults with no children. Only 36.7% of Disney World visitors had children under 18. The largest demographic for the theme parks, like the movies, are millennials. They are also members of the fandoms who are likeliest to spend money on licensed merchandise, and on toys and movie tie-ins that are Disney’s bread and butter.

And Disney is rapidly adapting with theme parks and resorts that emphasize its Marvel and Star Wars properties more than classic fare. Its Galactic Starcruiser hotel, aimed at Star Wars fans, costs $4,809 for two adults. Why bother with kid stuff when you can sell $13 beers?

Disney may have started out feeding the imaginations of children, but now its business model is acquiring intellectual properties with active fandoms and milking the adult fans for every cent.

Its political opposition to a Florida law barring teachers from pushing sexual issues on kindergarteners might be out of tune with the old family values Disney, but the company’s actual base, like that of virtually every entertainment corp in the country, is a narrow slice of upscale urban millennials with lots of disposable income and no families. Wokes are Disney’s base.

In 1966, the idea that a single adult would spend more money on Disney merchandise than a family of four would have seemed ridiculous. In 2022, it’s just the new normal. If you doubt that stop by a theme park and see how many of the adults with no children wearing every single piece of Disney merchandise on sale would love to lecture you about queer theory.

These are the people Disney caters to now … Disney’s new woke demographic is much pickier than even the pickiest child could be.

It’s also sexually creepy.

Disney’s new demographic are adults who have never properly grown up and on some level still think of themselves as children. That’s also the profile for the average child molester. And of the kind of adult who insists that schools force children to “explore their sexual identities”.

. . .

Disney still has a profitable kids segment, but its real profits come from overgrown children born into broken families, prematurely coming of sexual age, who are eager to embrace leftist utopian causes and fantasies, who are seeking an identity and an escape at the same time.

The company isn’t for kids, it’s for broken adults. And it’s only natural that Disney would seek to create more broken adults to perpetuate its business model. A healthy functional adult isn’t nearly as profitable for the entertainment giant as a dysfunctional one addicted to its product.

There’s more at the link.

Disney isn’t alone in its efforts, of course.  The propaganda war to sexualize our children is now beginning in first grade in some states, notably New Jersey, to the anger and concern of many parents.  No parent has ever been asked for permission to expose their kids to such material;  the decision was made by “woke”, politically correct bureaucrats, administrators and teachers.  Yet another reason not to submit your children to such propaganda and take them out of public schools, IMHO.

Back in 2021, Colin Wright exposed efforts to propagandize young children into early and inappropriate sexualization.  It’s well worth reading in full, to grasp the extent to which the “woke” will go to warp, twist and indoctrinate our kids away from our values.  He concludes:

We should all be very concerned that organizations like AMAZE have made their way into our children’s classrooms. Despite claiming their videos are “medically accurate” and “honest,” this is far from the truth. In reality, these videos are highly ideological and are likely making children incredibly confused about sex, gender, and sexuality.

If you are aware of this material being taught in your child’s class, please contact the school and voice your concerns.

I can only concur in the strongest possible terms.  If I had young kids and caught any other adult talking to them about such subjects in such terms, there’d be a reckoning – and that’s putting it very mildly indeed!

I also highly recommend watching the Tucker Carlson segment below.  It’s from earlier this month, and also examines AMAZE and its antics.  It’s frightening – and infuriating.

As long as we tolerate such influences over our children, we have only ourselves to blame if they succeed in warping them out of all recognition.  It’s up to us to stop such influences by protecting our children from them – and, if necessary, withdrawing our kids from any environment(s) in which they might be exposed to them even without our consent.

That includes boycotting Disney and Disney products in any way, shape or form, to avoid programming our children into this otherwise inevitable outcome:



  1. The Greenfield article is a really good discussion of how Disney's market has changed over the years. I remember reading an article about Touchstone Pictures some decades ago in either Forbes or Fortune magazine and realized that Disney was chasing the adult market. This was in the early 90's (I think). I knew this was the direction it was going.

    Many millennials seem to have a somewhat child-like personality. I've worked with guys who are in their mid-30's who have the personality of 19 year old college freshmen. A lot of these guys have never really had a girlfriend. I don't know if this makes them "incels", or maybe they just don't care. My impression was more of the latter. I'm wondering if this is due to the generational decline of testosterone in males.

    Like Boeing, Disney is also a bellwether of the changes in American business culture.

  2. @kurt9,

    I think a lot of it is the ideals of masculinity have been chased out of common society. We've gone from yes we need to teach our boys not to be rude, offensive pigs, sexual harrassment is not alright and the like to any real aspects of being a male are shunned. There's no balence left. And that ties in with another point about the "Woke" culture we are seeing. Much like the start of it, the counter revolution in the 60s that came out of the boomers it IS their reality. This example of the so called to the media/left/etc "Don't say gay" bill is just the latest one. They truely in their core of being belive that is what the bill is about. You won't convince them of anything less. Reality and facts do not matter becuase we don't exist in their reality.

    The example I can give is something taken I believe from a fantasy author Terry Goodkind, and I'm paraphrasing here but here it is. What would you fear more, a 6 foot 6 Inch 300 tall man that just wants your money and to move on? Or a 5 foot nothing 100 pound woman that wrongly but with her entire mind and body thinks -again wrongly- that you have harmed or kidnapped her child? My greater concern is with that woman. I might have had no interest or intent at all with her child but the fact she believes that makes her very dangerous. That's a lot of this left or woke culture you see I think. They for whatever reason think with their entire being that we want to harm them and they are but innocent wanderers in life. Thus everything that happens they treat as a direct attack on them as indivdiuals and a collective.

  3. Kurt9

    The original Touchstone logo was a screw, as in "Screw you." Subsequently changed into a stylized screw/lighting bolt flash thingy. But the intent is still there.

  4. Throwing the B.S. flag at the entire premise.

    Birth rates have been dropping like a stone.

    Virtually nobody has 3 kids anymore, let alone 5+, and anything over 1 is a small miracle.

    Chasing that market alone is a death spiral.

    Disney is also not just a small cartoon factory with a theme park; they are a Fortune 100 company with diversified entertainment vehicles, covering everything from the Muppet Show and Rocky and Bullwinkle to ABC, ESPN, seven theme parks on three continents, and multiple movie lines.

    To be sure, one over-supplied with the Rainbow Diversity component, but they're based in L.A. County, not Salt Lake City, or Bugtussle in the Bible Belt, so what did you expect there?

    Trying to portray every childless adult in their target demographic (which age bracket is 0-100+, when last I looked) as the pedophile demographic is laying it on thick, with a front-end loader rather than a snow shovel.

    The whole premise is about as retarded as anything I've ever heard or read.


    It's one thing to point out their spineless corporate
    management is capture by the whims of those too busy thinking of liking children (in the worst way), rather than trying to think like children.

    It's another thing entirely to damn everyone who patronizes anything from ABC to Pixar as Chester the Molester, which is the difference on the dial between ridiculous and recockulous.

    The OP source author needs to show us on the doll where Mickey Mouse groped him as a child, and get their personal issues out in the open.

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