Dominant superpower? No longer…


Sovereign Man has an interesting – and painful – analysis of the USA’s vision of itself as the dominant superpower, versus its actual position.  It’s pretty sobering.

It’s hardly controversial to assert that dominate superpowers don’t accumulate $30 trillion in debt (which, by the way, is 25% larger than the entire US economy).

But it’s not just the debt. It’s so much more.

Dominant superpowers don’t surrender tens of billions of dollars of military equipment to their sworn enemy, and then fly away with local civilians clinging to the side of their aircraft.

Dominant superpowers don’t abandon their own citizens abroad.

Dominant superpowers don’t engineer historically high inflation… and then ignore it. Nor do they embrace socialism, i.e. the literal opposite of the capitalist economic system that created so much wealth and power to begin with.

Dominant superpowers don’t send their government agents to harass innocent citizens, or tell parents they have no say in the education of their children.

Dominant superpowers don’t suspend their Constitutions because of a virus. They don’t give people incentives to NOT work. They don’t constantly make it difficult for small businesses to succeed.

Dominant superpowers don’t deliberately reduce their military’s physical fitness standards in the name of diversity and inclusion. They don’t prioritize “equity” over national security. And they certainly don’t fire experienced intelligence operatives because of individual medical decisions.

Dominant superpowers don’t placate their adversaries and bow to their demands. They aren’t afraid to offend their rivals.

Dominant superpowers don’t create incentives for countless people to illegally cross the border and go live under a bridge.

And above all else, dominant superpowers are able to deal with challenges.

Yes, there’s always been conflict and disagreement. But dominant superpowers have stable, effective governments who can do what is necessary to solve problems. And they have societies whose people can coexist peacefully without being at each others’ throats all the time.

It might not be pleasant to think about, but these are all true statements about the United States. And like Rome, they are all obvious signs of decline. Simply put, the US is no longer the dominant superpower.

This doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end, or that some horrible cataclysm is about to take place.

But it should be reason enough to have a Plan B.

There’s more at the link.

Sovereign Man’s “Plan B” is to be prepared to emigrate, just in case;  to have a bolthole outside the USA.  Personally, I discount that, because I’ve traveled enough and seen enough to know that there isn’t anyplace likely to be better off or safer than here if push comes to shove.  Australia?  New Zealand?  Canada?  All three used to be good alternatives, but all three are now run by statist wokescolds who never saw a freedom they didn’t hate, and never saw a restriction they didn’t like.  Argentina?  Economic ruin.  Brazil?  Corruption, crime and conflict.  Africa?  Oy.

My solution is to live in a part of the USA that’s likely to be at least somewhat insulated against the worst possible consequences of our present mess, and prepare to deal with the situation as best we can from our own resources.  To those who protest that it’s “not fair”, I can only ask them when life was ever fair?  To those who claim that “God will provide”, and they only have to live lives of faith to be protected, I can only answer that God never promised us a life of milk and honey, beer and skittles.  He promised us grace to cope – but that doesn’t exclude experiencing the sort of problems where we really, really need grace to cope.

It’s worth reading Sovereign Man’s article in full.  Let’s learn from history while there’s still time to do so, and apply the lessons of history to our own lives.



  1. Fleeing anywhere outside CONUS is jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, with gasoline-soaked clothes on.

    Hard pass.

    Dig in suitably, and make plans to start giving OPFOR literal Hell, starting with non-violent means as long as the environment remains permissive, while preparing whole-heartedly to transition to harsher measures as and when practicable.

    Nothing else is worthwhile to even discuss.

    Some bullies may turn after a bloody nose, and some others will only respond to a well-deserved heap o' killin'.


  2. On reading that I thought immediately of my house in Brazil, where my mother-in-law lives. I've never seen it in person in the few years that I've owned it, except to know that it's superficially nice, utterly indefensible and much too urban.
    I do believe that a small 10-40 acre family farm in Brazil could be a good affordable bolthole for a first world family, and by renting to tenant farmers to work the land, could make for a safe place… provided you can get there if needed and also provided you can feed and bribe the local federal cops into liking you and getting you enough guns and ammo to keep the neighbors polite… that being said, I am aware of land disputes in the farmland I am familiar with in my wife's state that ended in bloodshed.

  3. I discounted leaving the US when I tried to find another gun friendly country. There simply aren't any that compare to what we have here. Those claiming to be gun friendly require gun registrations, and/or ridiculous restrictions on the firearms that can be owned.
    I truly believe we would be the in the same situation, or worse, as that of Australia, New Zealand, and now Canada, if it wasn't for our guns.

  4. I was born in the US. I expect to die in the US.

    Now, being a "Conservadox" Zionist Jew, I do think of moving to Israel – which is not without its own risks. But my father's side landed here in frickin' Jamestown, then to Plymouth Rock. I have an ancestor who crossed the Delaware with General Washington. And my heart swells with love for Old Glory and the Star Spangled Banner like nothing else.


    Though I have to admit, I'm very pessimistic about where I live now.

  5. Don't forget that the US is large enough and diverse enough that it is effectively multiple countries. I think there are parts of the US that are very, very good, and parts that are atrocious and which are actively trying for third world problems.
    I too have considered other countries, but to me there are none better IF you choose the right part of the US to live in – which most assuredly is NOT near a big city.

    Don't forget that most of his references to a "dominant superpower" are actions by the illegitimate Biden regime who blatantly stole an election by fixing the vote in 6 states. I believe this to be the last gasp of liberals in the US; they knew that if they didn't make an all out effort then, they were doomed, and their opponents were not ready for the depth of their actions.

  6. @Jonathan H:

    1. Breakup is inevitable. Here's the concern. They Left consists of missionaries filled with Marxianic Zeal. No matter what, even with a separation, they'll look across that border and see territory to be conquered.

    2. "I believe this to be the last gasp of liberals in the US; they knew that if they didn't make an all out effort then, they were doomed, and their opponents were not ready for the depth of their actions."

    Precisely. We did not anticipate the level of their willingness to do what they did.

  7. I like to deal in probabilities. The most probable scenario is this afaict:
    1. We are undoubtedly ruled now by a Criminal Cartel comprised of the intel agencies, the Uniparty, mega corporations spanning Pharma, Media, Tech, Entertainment,  and Finance.
    2. This Cartel cannot continue their scheme for much longer.  How much longer is THE question, but likely a year or two tops. The faux economy and financialization that has driven the Everything Bubble is going to pop. Without a doubt.
    3. When the stock market crashes, the Cartel has only one, basic option: Emergency Powers. They will attempt direct rule from dc by dictating all sorts of controls to seize assets, production, food supplies, energy. One, big State Enterprise overnight. CCP style. Digital currency may be attemoted as you say.
    4. We enter the unknown. Never before in history has a Tyrant with limited and constrained resources tried to impose totalitarianism on a heavily armed, well trained (and bear in mind the millions of veterans) population spread across a continent that is openly hostile.
    5. My best scientific wild assed guess is that we will see either a Spanish Civil War a la 1930s or a glorious revolution. It all comes down (as usual) to the military. There's no way that the bulk of the military will slaughter their own people. And there aren't enough Woke LEO to do the job without the military. So we will either see the military (and by military I include both active and Nat Guard/ Reserves) split– i.e., some units remain loyal to the Regime while others support what will likely be a free republic in various Red states or regions (and thus Spanish civil war), or the military says, effectively,  aw hell naw, and marches on dc, arrests the Regime members and all accomplices (a la Ceausescu/ fall of Iron Curtain). Wild card is whether any foreign players will jump in to prop up Regime. Wont change ultimate outcome but will drag it out and kill many more.
    6. During this time, crypto won't function. We will all be forced to survive largely at a local level. It could get real ugly w a total breakdown of civil order (to say nothing of areas where actual fighting occurs).
    7. The above suggests above all, location location location. If you live in a blue stronghold, i.e., major cities anywhere, get out. Find safe ground and build local networks for stable food and security. Stock up. Assemble family if possible. Gold and silver coin will be king for the foreseeable future.
    8. Finally,  my hope is that we will come out of this period of gangster government by fundamentally resetting our government to one of extreme federalism with as little federal power as possible. People will self sort to states that fit their values and local government will be paramount. That's the only way to prevent the psychopaths and sociopaths from gaining power again that can be used to tyrannize.

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