Donald Trump’s political appointments explained . . .

. . . with weapons-grade snark by Joe Bob Briggs in Taki’s Magazine.

CIA Director: This will be Boris Vasilievich Mistrovokolsky, currently manager of a power plant in Tajikistan but well-known to Trump as the Interim Director of Construction Contracts for the new Trump International Hotel and Spa in Baku, Azerbaijan. Mistrovokolsky vows to make the CIA “more transparent.”

. . .

Director of the Office of Management and Budget: Oliver Winstead, former treasurer for the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, who holds the record for number of times subpoenaed (174) and hours of depositions given (12,905) while extracting four bankrupt casinos from the court system without ever losing a night’s sleep.

. . .

Secretary of Transportation: Retired fighter pilot Chris “Iron Jockstrap” Ledbetter, responsible for seventeen chicken incidents in the eastern Mediterranean and South China Sea, currently living in a trailer house in the Chihuahua Desert but willing to move to D.C. if he can implement his “all jets, all the time” transportation strategy, which would create a system of single-occupant commuter planes in order to relieve rush-hour traffic congestion while providing a major boost to the energy industry since the amount of jet fuel consumed would cause a 50 percent hike in the benchmark price of West Texas Intermediate crude.

There’s more at the link.

I’m sure Mr. Trump will find Mr. Briggs’ suggestions extremely helpful.




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