Don’t be intimidated – be motivated


Following my recent posts about the shenanigans of the “woke” as they seek to remake America into something unrecognizable, the brutality of coerced and enforced vaccination policies, and the ever-more-intrusive activities of our “Big Brother” statist government, I’ve had several readers contact me, almost in despair, asking, in so many words, “What’s the point of carrying on?  If we can’t do anything to stop these evils, why even try?  Why not just give up?”

To that, I can only say that our forefathers didn’t give up.  They fought back.  They did so at grassroots levels, using their “Committees of Correspondence” to inform other patriots and create new ones.  When they suffered setbacks – there were many – they didn’t throw up their hands and quit:  instead, they worked harder and smarter.  Eventually, they won freedom for themselves and their posterity – a freedom which is now under greater threat than it’s ever been before.  To defeat that threat, we’re going to have to be just as dedicated and just as hard-working as our forefathers.

We don’t have to start on a big, national scale.  Frankly, I don’t trust any of the big political parties, pressure groups and organizations to do anything but enrich themselves at our expense.  We need to start small – start local.  Who can be trusted to work hard at things that are important to us and our community, right here, right now?  Remember the Biblical precept:  “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”  Let’s apply that principle going forward, and deliberately seek out those who’ve proved they can be trusted.  When in doubt – don’t.  Insist on verifiable, demonstrated trustworthiness up front.  If it’s not there, that doesn’t necessarily disqualify that person from trust, but treat them warily until proof is there that they can be trusted.

In the case of our politicians and representatives, they should have proved their trustworthiness in small offices, then successively larger ones, before they were trusted with major responsibilities.  If anyone asks us to trust him or her without that prior chain of evidence that they’re worthy of our trust, the answer is simple:  don’t.  If voters would only apply that principle, I daresay more than half of our present Congressional representatives and Senators wouldn’t hold their present offices.

Also, remember President Theodore Roosevelt’s dictum:  “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  Most of us can’t exercise sufficient authority or influence to change things on a regional or state or national scale;  but we can start small, and use our day-to-day influence to talk to others and propose logical, rational, sensible ways to protect ourselves from the pernicious and seditious pressures all around us.  If we work together, we can strengthen our own communities.  Working together, our local communities can strengthen our regions.  Working together, our regions can strengthen our states;  and, working together, our states can strengthen and cleanse and reanimate our Union.  It all starts at the local level, and works upward from there.

(This is, of course, the opposite of what anti-American forces are trying to do now.  They’ve seized control of the top levels of our government, and are trying to impose their will from the top down.  That can only go so far.  If they hit solidly organized, cohesive, motivated lower levels, they’ll bounce.)

Finally, each and every day, let’s do something to prepare ourselves for the hard times that lie ahead.  We all know what they’re likely to be;  we’ve discussed them in these pages and other forums for months, even years.  We can’t change what’s coming – but we can change our preparedness for it, in practical, social, cultural, psychological, spiritual and physical terms.  It’s said that “hard times make hard people”.  Well, we’re likely to be confronted by harder times than most of us have ever experienced before, so it’s time we hardened ourselves to face them.

Don’t be intimidated by the challenges that surround us.  Rather, let those challenges motivate us to overcome them.  That, and that alone, is how we’ll defeat them.



  1. Good pep talk, Peter. Most of us really don't have the option of going John Galt, but passively accepting these changes is essentially putting yourself in shackles. I'm not willing to do that.

  2. Dropped off my ballot two days ago for today's local election. Mayor, school board, local bond and tax issues and some statewide ballot initiatives. For the first time in recent memory, paid close attention to the local school board candidates.

  3. I'm retreating to a less vulnerable place, Phoenix is too dependent on power and water. Starting my search for a homestead in the Ozarks. I cannot hunker down where we can't survive half the year without A/C, I will make a stand where I can grow food and go off-grid.

  4. I ran for council but realized that I am definitely not a politician. I hate campaigning, didn't knock on one door because I hate it when people do that to me, etc. I had a little name recognition because I've been on local city boards for some years but looks like I lost 600 to 400 or so. Can't say I am disappointed as I didn't really want the job but feeling a bit like I let down the side of good. We shall see.

  5. Let the Commonwealth of Virginia be your inspiration. Everyone I voted for (all Republicans against CRT, all 2A supporters, all pro-American, pro-capitalist, anti-illegal immigration) won from the school board to county supv, to legislator, to the Big 3.

    Im sure the Dems are going to come out swinging, lying and cheating, but as long as they refuse to accept that the average kind, generous and patriotic American people DO NOT WANT THE CRAP THEY ARE SELLING, they will continue to fail.

    As Captain Parker said centuries ago, "If they want war, let it begin here."

    Keep the faith, my friends. Continue stacking and stashing. It ain't over till it's over. And it's a long way from being over.

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