Don’t kill Sean Bean!

I had to smile at the news that fans of Sean Bean, the British actor, have launched a Twitter campaign to persuade the producers of his latest TV show not to kill him.  The Telegraph reports:

Sean Bean has appeared in blockbuster films and TV shows as well as small independent movies, but he rarely comes out of them unscathed. Having been run off a cliff by rampaging cows, shot in the neck with a grappling hook, beheaded and quartered by horses in his 31-year acting career, the Sheffield-born actor hasn’t had much luck cheating death.

. . .

Now, after a tongue-in-cheek plea by fans, the producers of Bean’s latest TV series Legends have launched #DontKillSeanBean on social media in order to try to keep Bean alive in his new show. The campaign has already gone viral after launching over the weekend, with T-shirts supporting the hashtag appearing at San Diego Comic-Con. Tricia Melton, a marketing executive at TNT, said: “Sean laughed out loud when we first talked to him about it and is 100 per cent behind not getting killed in Legends. He’s got a great sense of humour and is enjoying the fun the fans are having.”

There’s more at the link.

Here’s a compilation of the “best” deaths (21 of them) suffered by Sean Bean.  Not safe for work, and a bit gruesome to view around kids.

Yeah . . . after all that, it’d be nice if they left him alive for once!



  1. I consider it a tragic failure that Sean Bean was not cast as the lead in the movie "John Dies At The End."

    This would have been hilarious, you see, as the character of John does not, in fact, die at the end. But by casting Bean in the role, you know everyone would have been expecting it…

  2. He did indeed survive in at least one of his movies, 'Bravo 2-0' if I remember the title correctly. He was an SAS trooper……….
    The MAIN reason he tends to get killed off is because he is almost always one of the bad guys, typecasting may be good for continues employment but not necessarily image.

  3. I wonder what the survival rate of actors-with-a-vaguely-English-accent is in comparison to … say an American one, when type-cast as the greedy, evil, corporate, usually smoking for some strange reason, genius but incompetent, … characters?

    Probably similar to those with a South African accent (circa the 80's) or Russian (60's).Others may vary but 'The English' are have/always been a 'safe' bunch to characterise as the bad guys, sigh!

    I like travelling to the US as (in parts at least) I vary between being seen as 'an effinnate fop/toff', 'an unstable, violent psychpath' (a la Vinny jones characters) or 'out to reconquer the colonies' (even when, on those few occasions, I'm not wearing my readcoat) all because of my accent.

  4. May Sean Bean continue to die well into the future and to collect nice paychecks for doing it.


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