Don’t raise the bridge – lower the river!


The headline to this post was a feature of a BBC radio Goon Show episode titled “The Sinking of Westminster Pier“, first broadcast in 1955.  It was also the title of a 1968 British comedy movie.  Basically, both plots involved turning accepted wisdom on its head, with comically disastrous results.

Not so comical, but even more disastrous, have been the Biden administration’s attempts to redefine words to mean something other than their historical, accepted meaning, in order to gloss over its failures, errors and mismanagement of this country.  The latest is their attempt to redefine “recession” as meaning something other than its traditional, universally accepted meaning of “two quarters in which GDP was reduced”.  They’re lying, of course:  but then, they almost always do.

The memes are flowing about how the Biden team constantly, incessantly attempt to say that something is when it isn’t, or isn’t when it is, by redefining words.  Here are a couple of current examples.

When an administration lies so incessantly (and so unsuccessfully), but we can’t (yet) replace it with a better one, what’s left to us but to laugh at it?

As James Bovard notes:  “Stay tuned for the Biden White House‚Äôs official redefinition of ‘going to hell in a handbasket’.”



  1. I've loved the Goon Show since I was a child in England. They described what they did as "taking a situation to its illogical conclusion," leading to such wonderful exchanges as this one (from "Tales of Men's Shirts – A Story of Down Under."

    "Gentlemen, Intelligence have determined that the people attacking us are the enemy."
    "Good heavens! Do the enemy realize this?"
    "Oh, no, sir. We've got them fooled – they think we're the enemy!"

    Who can argue with that?

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