Don’t take them to the airport . . .

. . . because the TSA has no sense of humor about earbuds like these.

I can just see some unthinking teenager waltzing up to the passenger checkpoint wearing those things, and being profoundly butthurt when chaos ensues.



  1. Good old TSA – keeping our ears safe from evil.
    Yeah, my government makes me more and more proud every single day.

  2. And yet (I've) never seen ammo with soft rubber tips that vibrate when energized, with a wire leadeing to a 3.5mm stereo tip. The pic demonstrates clearly that the inscribed characters are a brand name. Any TSA official, of whatever level of education and training, who acts to remove such items from a "customer" is guilty of theft. If it's not a weapon, if it's not a bullet, then it's not. No matter what untrained . . . pesons . . . may think.

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