Doofus #726 revisited

A few weeks ago I gave a Doofus Of The Day award to an Australian man who inserted a fork into his sexual organ in a (presumably futile) quest for stimulation.

Now an Australian newspaper has published a much longer and more detailed report on the incident, including a lot of medical information from the doctors who decided to “pull the fork free using forceps and ‘copious lubrication’ while the patient was under a general anaesthetic”.  The article includes an X-ray image of the organ in question, complete with new internal accessory.

It still makes me shrink whenever I think about it . . .



  1. Ah dunno. This article followed by the title "Working my trousers to the bone again" for the next post just makes me chuckle. Yeah, my mind just wanders sometimes. 🙂

  2. +1 Bob F.

    Oh the stuff that goes on. Or into, as the case may be. I'm grateful that I don't get called for stuff like the urethral fork, since I'd probably have trouble keeping a straight face. (No one can keep a straight face forever, BTW, medical training or not. Good manners and professionalism merely dictate that you wait until you can leave the room before doubling over with laughter. A urethral fork would probably push me over the edge right then and there.)

    One thing to NOT do is to claim that it was an accident if it wasn't. Especially don't claim "I just got out of the shower and slipped." We've heard that one. In fact, it's a running joke. A quiet remark of "This was no accident. I am not a victim of assault (of course say that only if true, otherwise we really have to try to find out). I don't want to talk about it, but please help me." THAT will help you gain back quite a lot of respect.

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