1. Parallel parking is easy if you use mirrors. Or difficult it you have limited depth perception, bad eye-to-hand coordination, or just plain stupid.

  2. is that britain?!
    obviousl moslemic. now we know why women are not allowed to drive there.
    next car that comes along is obviously driving the wrong way on a one way street.

  3. I try to keep in mind, every time I drive, that I'm actually not a very good driver. It keeps me from making overconfident mistakes.

    The kicker is that I PASSED MY DRIVER'S TEST THE FIRST TIME. I KNOW I'm not very good, and there are people on the roads who had to take the test three or four times.

    THAT'S a thought that'll clear your sinuses!

  4. Gorges Smythe is more correct than he thinks. People who were raised in a culture where walking is the norm have a lot of trouble with a world that moves faster than a horse. A Kazakh friend had a hell of a time learning to drive.

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