Doofus Of The Day #1,018

This is security camera footage, filmed yesterday on the Racine Street Bridge in Wisconsin.  It speaks for itself.

“No, I don’t have to observe traffic laws, rules and regulations.  I’m a cyclist!  We’re above such petty considerations!  Safety barriers?  What safety barriers?”


(A tip o’ the hat to reader Steve T. for sending me the link.)



  1. I'm hoping he didn't get seriously injured.

    Though I'll admit that there's a certain Darwinian justification in hoping otherwise. This guy is, rather obviously, not exactly the best exemplar for good judgment and common sense.

  2. I hope they arrested him, and will fine him really heavily.

    Too many bicyclists think that their moral superiority means they don't have to obey traffic laws.

  3. +5 to Technomad. Fine the bastard. That bridge was probably shut down for 30 minutes while an Ambulance came to haul away his sorry ass.

  4. Watching that, you're like, huh? It's like she wasn't paying any attention to her surroundings. "Oh, look! A big gap in front of me!" It doesn't look like she made any attempt to avoid the gap. The mind wobbles.

  5. Hey Peter;

    dang spammers got me yesterday…same ones….may the fleas of a thousand sickly camels infest their armpits and neither regions.
    Technomad is spot one, many cyclist are worse than Prius drivers on the smug self righteous factor.

  6. Oh, a magic Bridge of Raising, with a special +3 attack vs Bicycles…

    "Ah, Nooooooo… Thou hast wrenched the virgin sacrifice from my foul grips. Curses on you, mortals, Curses…" (evil bridge closes in frustration…) (heard mumbling) "Next time send one who shaves her legs. Hate leg hair in my gears…"

  7. cyclists are among the rudest.
    one day at rush hour on a main highway with only 4 lanes a cyclist was taking his time and taking up a whole lane of the two lanes of traffic leaving the city.
    he was honked at but refused to move.
    as soon as possible at a wide place everyone was able to pass him, hundreds of people.
    he was peeved.
    if we weren't so civilized i expect he'd have met a worse fate than being passed.
    that was over 40 years ago. they are worse now, the selfish devils.

  8. Interesting that most or all of the rescuers appeared to be women. Were all the men at work, or were they just watching and savoring the Darwinian bouquet?

  9. I was actually wondering if the cyclist was drunk. Can you get arrested for bicycling while intoxicated in Wisconsin?

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