Doofus Of The Day #1,021

It’s hard to imagine such ignorance in this day and age, but I suppose this is the exception that proves the rule.  A tip o’ the hat to Snoggeramus for sending the link.

It had been four years and their parents constantly complained about the lack of grandchildren.

Convinced something was seriously wrong, the unnamed Chinese couple sought the advice of obstetrician Liu Hongmei when a team of doctors visited their village in Bijjie city in the south-western Guizhou province.

The wife said she found the experience painful, but “silently told herself that she had to endure it, in order to be able to one day hug her child,” Doctor Liu told China’s Guiyang Evening Post.

Concerned the 24-year-old might be battling a serious genealogical condition; the obstetrician did a full physical examination, which revealed one surprising fact – the woman had never had sex.

Increasingly confused, the doctor again questioned the couple about their sex life.

It was only when the woman boasted that she ‘could fit three fingers’ that the doctor realised the reason they hadn’t got pregnant . . .

Stifling laughter, Liu handed them each a sex-ed handbook and sent them on their way.

A few months later, 100 eggs and a live chicken arrived at the hospital, a thank you gift from the now-expecting couple.

There’s more at the link.

I think both sets of the couple’s parents should receive more than a little talking-to about how (not) to educate their respective children about the facts of life.  I mean, I know life is supposed to be all about passages, but not those sorts of passages!



  1. And here I thought all these years that "B.F. stupid" was just an insult.

    Actually, I heard a very similar story about 20 years ago. It involved a Saudi "prince" and his cousin-wife, asking the doctors at the US Air Force Academy why she wasn't getting pregnant.

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