Doofus Of The Day #1,024

Today’s award goes to Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong-based airline.  It seems they sent one of their Boeing 777’s to get a new paint job.  Unfortunately, someone (several someones, including the supervisor[s], I guess) couldn’t spell.  Cathay tweeted:

Needless to say, people went overboard with their comments on the pictures.  My favorite response was this one:

You can read the others below Cathay’s original tweet.  I’ll say this for the airline:  it doesn’t seem to mind poking fun at itself, and allows its fans to express their humor as well.  Good for them.



  1. My guess is that the people doing the lettering are not native speakers of English, and probably grew up using an ideographic language like Chinese.

    In which case, I doubt I'd do much better applying a Chinese ideograph to the side of an aircraft. This is really only funny in the context of "Look at the silly foreigner, who can't speak our language…", much like a lot of the silliness with tattoos and t-shirts across cultures. I remember seeing a grandmother in Korea wearing a t-shirt that said "F**k-toy" on it, as she worked her rice field… Kind of a surreal moment, that–My KATUSA refused to tell her what the shirt really said, too embarrassed.

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