Doofus Of The Day #1,026

A joint and several Doofus award goes to all those portrayed in this video clip, received via an e-mail list of which I’m a member.  Not a few deserve Darwin awards, too, even though they survived and therefore don’t qualify for them!

As Shakespeare would have put it: “Yea, verily, the mind doth boggle . . . “



  1. The one where the loader went over too is the best!

    I've seen the tree go the wrong way, it landed on the corner of my shop out in the woods. I thought I had it wired up to that point!
    I left it there for a little while just to remind myself to use chains & a come-a-long if the tree was anywhere close to something important!

  2. Notice how badly it tends to go when the tree you are cutting down is rotten. When the trunk fractures, that thing can end up ANYWHERE. The best choice in those situations is to cut the tree down in sections, not all at once.
    Actually, unless you are cutting for lumber use, that is the safest method, but slow and expensive if a hired job. Unless they squash your house or vehicle, of course.

  3. Oh, and all those trees that have a rope attached just crack me up. Sign of amateurs at work. Most people have no clue how much weight is involved. That frontend loader was a joke. You are not going to control or steer a falling tree like that. Not nearly enough mass to do the job, to start with.

  4. Many years ago I got a call at work to get to the hospital, my dad had fallen out of a tree and broken his back. When I got there, I walked into his room and asked “ what am I going to tell people that my 68 year old father was doing 20 feet up a tree?”. He thought for a moment and said “ tell them I was chasing a cat”. He had broken his glasses in the fall and when I came to visit a couple days later he was trying to read his chart notes which were on a clipboard by the bed, he couldnt hold it far enough to read clearly though. He started complaining that “ they shoudnt put that in writing” I asked “what are you talking about?” He said “ I know I havent been a good patient, I’m in a lot of pain, but they shouldnt have put that in my chart” he handed me the chart to read and there amongst the notes was SOB. I had to tell him that means shortness of breath.

  5. This is an odd mix of cocky doofuses and "just don't know" ordinary folk making mistakes. It's harder to laugh when regular folks are getting hurt.

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