Doofus Of The Day #1,031

Today’s award goes to no less than twenty gang-bangers, rappers and idiots in Houston.

In March, two rappers, Emekwanem Biosah Jr, A.K.A. Maxo Kreme, and Warren Brown, A.K.A. NFL Cartell Bo, had a run-in with police while filming a rap video at Lakewood Park.

The rappers were filming at the park, which is next to Hillard Elementary School, at about the time school was being let out. Some students made it into the video.

Also in the video were about a dozen loaded guns, some of them stolen, according to police. The guns were being used as props and the extras holding the weapons were all documented street gang members and rappers, according to police.

When police arrived at the park, most of the people ran, leaving the weapons behind, according to police.

Some of them had open warrants and were arrested on the spot, police said.

Drugs were also found, police said.

The video was released two months later and has about 2 million views on YouTube.

Police said they used the video to track down and identify everyone in the video who was holding a weapon.

. . .

As of Monday, 11 of the suspects are either in state or federal custody. Nine suspects remain wanted for numerous open warrants.

There’s more at the link.

Nothing like providing video evidence of your own crimes to the police, is there?  I won’t bother to post their video here, but if you’re interested, it’s available on YouTube.  It opens with what appears to be footage of the police securing some of the aspiring rap “artists”.



  1. The police love Facebook. Due to so many dealers, pimps and thugs gladly expressing their joy of guns, money, drugs and other dealers, pimps and thugs while on probation or parole.

    It's almost like shooting fish in a barrel, if the fish were stupid.

  2. Oh, and I've heard some in the community defend the dealers, pimps and thugs because "It's their Culture."

    I swear, some idiots would support cannibals due to it being 'their culture.' Idiots.

  3. Kids these days video everything they do. Last week a few of our illustrious students decided to steal a Christmas tree out of one of the dorms on campus. I watched the surveillance video of the building in question, found them with the tree, faces covered, then found them using their ID cards to swipe into their own building with the tree. Searched earlier footage and found them, faces uncovered, about 10 minutes before the theft. When I notified the investigating officer of what I found he radioed that they 'found the snap chat video of them taking the tree and calling each other by name' that one of them had taken to commemorate the event.

  4. How dumb do you have be to use real, loaded guns in a music video?!
    And that's before you even consider the fact that most of them were felons…

  5. They wanted a video that was realistic and genuine. They wanted to be the real deal.
    *Sigh* …some things are simply better off staged.

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