Doofus Of The Day #1,059

Today’s award goes to the American Civil Liberties Union for this stupidity.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is calling for men’s restrooms to include tampons in order to prevent discrimination against “every person who menstruates.”

. . .

The left-leaning legal group argued that it wasn’t a “full or accurate portrayal” to say that women are the only ones who “menstruate, get pregnant, or breast feed [sic].”

“Menstrual stigma and period poverty can hit trans and non-binary people particularly hard,” the post read.

. . .

This wasn’t the first time the ACLU made a head-turning comment about gender. On “International Men’s Day,” the group declared that men could both get their periods and give birth.

There’s more at the link.

Dear ACLU, kindly read a couple of medical and/or biological textbooks.  By definition, no man – no person of the male sex or gender – has the necessary plumbing to menstruate (or get pregnant, for that matter).  Therefore, there is no need for menstrual hygiene products in spaces that are, by definition, reserved for males.

Of course, if someone wishes to defy medical and biological reality and pretend that they’re male, when in fact they are female . . . that’s another matter.  I, for one, see no point whatsoever in indulging their pretense.  For them, I suggest that menstrual hygiene products be made available where they’re more appropriate – in female restrooms.  Anything else denies reality, and is a waste of time and money, IMHO.

I addressed the ACLU’s previous nonsense on this subject in two articles, here and hereNothing’s changed.  The medical and biological realities cited in those articles are as real today as they’ve ever been, and no touchy-feely, unicorn-fart-fueled, politically correct, moonbattish delusion is about to alter them.



  1. I see the illogical conclusion to all this @&$% as a single "universal plumbing facility" with no differentiation between user characteristics.

    If we get that far, I'm in favor of designing them in the same manner as they were designed in my long-ago barracks: one wall had a row of 20 toilets spaced 1 foot apart, the opposite wall had a 20 ft trough, the third wall was a room with 24 shower heads spaced about 3' apart with the 4th wall being a dozen double wide sinks, each with one cold water faucet.

    If everyone who might use the facility agrees to that design, I'll agree to the installation of a tampon dispenser on one wall.

  2. The greater thing is why a trans-whatever is incapable of proper prior planning and having the necessary products with them. Is it the hormones that do it to them or are they just plain ditzy?

  3. So if I identify as a Blue Heeler dog, can I demand a fire plug in every restroom or do I have to take the San Fran approach that there are plenty of them on street corners.

  4. "Menstrual equity" is not the ACLU being a "doofus." This is one more example of the ACLU pursuing a very destructive agenda.

    The ACLU's lawsuits played a major role in the destruction of the state mental hospital systems. This was deliberate; the ACLU attorney who pushed this effort did not want to reform the institutions or improve treatment. He believed that there was really no such thing as mental illness.

    Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.

  5. Funny thing about planning as noted by Andrew Smith, when grocery shopping with various women over the years, the idea of buying more tampons or pads than their immediate needs is foreign to most of them. How could anyone be surprised by something that happens every month. It’s not like a guy walking into the pharmacy (drug store) and ordering 10 boxes of condom. He’ not 100% sure he is going to use them all before expired date!

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