Doofus Of The Day #508

Courtesy of Rev. Paul, we learn of today’s winner, who earned the award in Alaska, but hails from Florida.

A Florida man who stole a friend’s identity to illegally kill a brown bear in Alaska –- then complained about the hunt because he wanted a bigger bear — has been sentenced to pay more than $66,000 in penalties.

. . .

Dickerson pleaded guilty and was sentenced Aug. 11 to pay $50,000 for one felony count of violating the Lacey Act and felony identity theft. He must also pay $15,150 in restitution to Cabela’s Inc. and $1,300 in restitution to the state of Alaska, the U.S. Attorney’s office says.

Dickerson had used his friend’s name to apply online for a hunting license and bear tag because he previously killed a bear in GMU 9 under his own name and was not yet eligible for another hunt, according to prosecutors.

There’s more at the link.

Not only did he steal his friend’s identity to illegally obtain another bear tag, he tried to defraud the outfitter after the size of his trophy didn’t measure up to his expectations. Almost $67,000 in fines later, I hope he’s happy with the size of at least one thing – his bill!



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