Doofus Of The Day #574

Today’s winner comes from Florida.

A 15-year-old boy climbed into Angela Cartwright’s kitchen window thinking to make off with a marijuana plant, but instead the young thief was actually stealing a potted tomato plant, a sheriff’s arrest report shows.

As he was running from Cartwright’s house on Carmen Avenue near Holly Hill on Feb. 10 just after 7 a.m., the teen even yelled at Cartwright, “See, I have one of your pot plants!” the arrest report states.

. . .

“I chased him and I yelled out, “You stupid little brat, it’s a tomato plant!” Cartwright said Thursday.

The teen gave Cartwright the slip, but Wednesday morning as Cartwright and a friend walked Cartwright’s son to the bus stop, they spotted the teenager a second time, the report shows.

The boy was wearing the same clothes Cartwright had seen on him five days earlier, she said.

“I said to my friend, ‘That’s him,’ ” Cartwright said. “It looked like he was going to hide from me, but then he stayed there.”

According to the report and Cartwright, the boy, who The Daytona Beach News-Journal is not identifying because of his age, admitted to stealing the tomato plant, valued at under $5.

There’s more at the link.

Dare one call it a ‘fruitful’ beginning to a life of crime?



  1. I worry about today's youth when they can't tell a tomato plant from a cannabis plant.
    When I was in my teens, we would have never made that mistake.

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