Doofus Of The Day #661

Today’s winner is a Japanese businessman in London, England.  He was apparently drunk as a lord, and tried to make his way down an ‘up’ escalator at the Tottenham Court Road Tube station.

You can read more about his adventures in this news report.

I’ve never understood drinking to such an extent that one does things like that.  I’ve over-indulged on a couple of occasions, but never to the point of losing control or becoming incapable of knowing what I was doing!

(It reminds me of a lesson in etiquette and deportment given to candidate officers in the South African Defense Force.  We were solemnly informed that “An officer is never drunk.  He is only pleasantly tired.”  Yeah, right!)


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  1. You're not truly drunk until you have to hang onto the grass to keep from falling off the earth.

    Not that I've done that or anything.

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