Doofus Of The Day #666

Hmm . . . at number 666, is this a Devilish Doofus?  Probably not – if only because I don’t think anyone’s ever claimed the Devil was this stupid!

An officer in the South African air force went out shopping in her military uniform and some footwear that provoked not awe but laughter – a pair of lurid pink slippers.

Lieutenant Colonel Ruth Ndayi has been officially reprimanded for the fashion crime, it emerged this week, a response dismissed as too lenient by politicians who said she should be fired.

. . .

Already in a hole, Ndayi reportedly kept digging when she arrived early for an appearance before the air force’s Chief Lieutenant General Carlo Gagiano, then left and failed to return.

The episode was raised in parliament when David Maynier, the shadow minister of defence, waved a pair of pink slippers to taunt the then defence minister Lindiwe Sisulu – who happened to be dressed in pink.

. . .

The slipper saga is not the air force’s only disciplinary mishap recently. Mapisa-Nqakula said a pilot had been “grounded and subsequently suspended from flying” after he “borrowed” a military aircraft to visit a friend in Botswana.

Lieutenant NSK Bulwana a flew a Cessna 172 across the border, without submitting a flight plan or permission to enter Botswana’s airspace, to visit a friend who worked at the airport in Gaborone.

There’s more at the link.

I imagine the new Chief of the South African Air Force must be saying to himself, right about now, “With cretins like these two on our side, who needs enemies?



  1. That tub of lard is in the AIR FORCE!??!! What type of plane could take off with that weight aboard?!?!!?


  2. Further to Anonymous @ 8:33 PM, is she pushing a shopping trolley or a walking frame.
    Seriously, how is someone in this physical condition allowed to remain in uniform.
    They've gotta be joking!.

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