Doofus Of The Day #667

My shooting instructor Massad Ayoob would doubtless describe this incident, in one of his favorite phrases, as “a sudden and acute failure of the victim selection process”.

A suspected burglar got more than he could handle when he attempted to break into an Oklahoma City home, which ended up being inhabited by a boxing and kickboxing trainer — and apparently a good one.

Jonathan Wise, 19, was arrested earlier this month with two black and bloodshot eyes and in need of stitches for other injuries.

Houston reportedly held the robber on the ground until the police arrived. Wise was later charged with burglary and taken to jail — after he went to the hospital for treatment of course.

There’s more at the link, including some rather spectacularly bruised mug-shots of the accused!

Speaking as a former prison chaplain, I can just imagine how Mr. Wise’s new bosom companions will greet the news of how he got those black eyes.  I daresay they might call his surname into question, too . . .



  1. Justice swiftly and surely done!.
    Had this been in Australia, the homeowner would probably been charged with 'Use unnecessary force', and 'false imprisonment'.
    The criminal would have been provided with a taxpayer funded lawyer, and aquite probably been awarded damages.
    It's happened before.

  2. Mr. Wise made three mistakes.

    1) He picked an occupied house.
    2) He threw a punch at a professional fighter.
    3) He did become unconscious fast enough.


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