Doofus Of The Day #700

Considering my previous post, it’s perhaps fitting that we reach the next century in our Doofus Of The Day series with this report about a policeman in Florida.

Tomas Muñoz, a 15-year veteran of the department, has been suspended with pay after being arrested Saturday and charged with cocaine possession and carrying drug paraphernalia.

He says he’s innocent — and he was set up by his girlfriend’s pimp.

After posting $6,000 bond Monday, he told reporters for WFOR-CBS4 that his was a story of forbidden love.

“I met a girl — she happens to have a pimp, and we fell in love,” Muñoz said. “And he doesn’t let her be free. This came about because he set the whole thing up.”

There’s more at the link.

What can I say, except that in his shoes, at the point I learned that “she happens to have a pimp”, I would have decided to fall out of love with her.  Right then and there.  At once, if not sooner!



  1. Of course you and I would fall out of love with her immediately…

    But, for the clueless, love strikes and there is nothing the brain can do to bring the heart back in line.

    As a case in point, a coworker at a previous job married a man old enough to be her father. He'd been divorced three times already. His oldest child was just 3 years her junior. He'd had a vasectomy somewhere along the line. Oh and he'd lost his pharmacist license for abusing narcotics.

    About year 3 into her marriage her biological clock rang hard. His vasectomy reversal didn't take so she hoofed off to a sperm bank.

    After the baby boy was born, he'd pronounced his love for a woman living six doors down. That and he'd gotten arrested for stealing oxy from his mother in law.

    She just couldn't understand what had happened.

    I didn't bother trying to explain leopards and spots. With that much first hand experience, if she couldn't put it together, then explaining it would have been pearls to swine…

  2. Every story nowadays ends on a sour note.

    What happened to those days where stories ended on a happy note?

    Like "The 3 little pigs Afghanistan vacation".

  3. As if the behavior that often results in pimps would be okay if she, uh, worked independently? Things like this really make my head hurt…

    When I was a newly commissioned officer (though one with prior enlisted service), one of my troops met a young lady of "entrepreneurial tendencies" who worked as a dancer at nearby establishment called The Brass Rail. Being the worldly and experienced 18 year old sailor he was, he invited her to move in with him about mid-week. On Friday he started his weekend duty rotation. When he got home Monday morning she was gone and his house was much easier to clean due to the complete absence of furniture or any of his belongings. And yes, he asked me how such a thing could have happened.

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