Doofus Of The Day #723

Today’s award goes posthumously to two Polish hitchhikers.  I don’t normally make posthumous awards, but they were so monumentally stupid that I didn’t really have much choice!  (A tip o’ the hat to Christina for forwarding the link to me.)

Two hitchhikers in Seelow, Germany, attempting to secure a ride by lying down in the road, were killed when a vehicle ran them over, a third hitchhiker said.

. . .

The surviving camper said the victims decided a car would stop if they were to lie down in the middle of the road. He admitted to Poland’s TVN television network the three had been drinking.

. . .

There was no word on whether the driver would be charged.

There’s more at the link.

So now a driver has to live with the deaths of two doofi on his conscience, despite the fact he/she couldn’t possibly have anticipated they’d be so stupid, and he/she may even face charges.  I feel a damn sight more sorry for the driver than I do for the deceased hitchhikers!



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