Doofus Of The Day #734

Today’s winner comes from Australia.

A French backpacker has been arrested in Western Australia after her boyfriend was spotted riding on the bonnet [hood] of their car dressed in a dinosaur ‘onesie’, wearing a snorkel and smoking a cigarette.

The bizarre sight confronted police in the northern coastal town of Broome at around 7.20am (WST) on Sunday, as they drove towards the iconic Cable Beach.

. . .

The 23-year-old female driver was later charged with reckless driving and driving with a blood alcohol level in excess 0.05 per cent.

The vehicle, which the couple were believed to be living in, was also seized under hoon legislation. The woman will appear in court at a later date.

A WA police spokeswoman said there seemed to be no reason for the man to be on the bonnet, “other than stupidity”.

Tragically, it also appears there is no available of the incident.

There’s more at the link.

Y’know, I’ve lived in parts of this country where a dinosaur on the hood of a car would automatically be assumed to be a hunting trophy . . .



  1. I remember a friend telling me about the time her sons shot a deer (legally), painted it's nose red and strapped it to the hood of their truck. They then drive around town, telling every child they saw that they had shot Rudolf and Santa wouldn't be comming this year.

  2. I noticed the .05 blood alcohol level. In *Australia*!?!? They really have gone off the PC deep end, eh?

    I wonder what kind of dinosaur was intended? If she was speeding, maybe a velociraptor, perhaps?

  3. I HATE the "hoon" laws.

    They allow the police to immediately confiscate your car for up to 28 days, on the allegation by a police officer that you have committed a traffic offence.

    They store it, with no liability for safe-keeping, and charge you to retrieve it.

    Then, when the courts determine that it wasn't you, or you didn't in fact commit the offence alleged – TOUGH TITTIES.

    One Lamborghini owner had his car confiscated after it was alleged that his mechanic was speeding while on a test drive. The courts determined that the police LIED about it, and dismissed the case.

    By then the police had done $50,000 damage to the car trying to read the black box for evidence to bolster their case. No compensation paid to the owner.

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