Doofus Of The Day #741

A tip o’ the hat to Australian reader Snoggeramus, who sent me the link to today’s winner:  an Australian medical insurance provider.

After an investigation spanning almost a year, government-owned Medibank Private has cancelled at least 30 service provider registrations nationally, finding some of its affiliated therapists were in fact prostitutes subsidising sex under the guise of ”remedial massage”.

. . .

Earlier this month, Fairfax Media found numerous illegal suburban brothels engaging in the health rebate rort. While street signage might depict services as purely therapeutic, the parlours are being exposed by thousands of clients who rate sex workers on underground brothel review forums.

In one front window, a ”Remedial Massage Centre” offers both legitimate treatments and fund rebates. But on the Australian XXX Reviews website, where members post restaurant-style reviews of brothels in Melbourne and other cities, several subscribers refer to sexual services, all culminating in a ”happy ending”.

On the same forum, punters have lodged their anger and frustration at the Medibank clampdown. One, who boasts of a full rebate from a male practitioner who has one of his ladies ”do the work”, proclaims: ”We’re doomed.”

There’s more at the link.

Oh, boy . . . ‘happy endings‘ paid for by the government!  That certainly lends a new meaning to ‘down under’, doesn’t it?  (Is that why Old NFO seems to visit the place so often?)



  1. If only the screwing we're likely to get from Obamacare was of such a nature.

    Nope, it's the bad kind of screwed.

  2. Usually people go to the doc after they have a stroke, not so they can have one. Jeez, they are doing it backward down under… er, you know what I mean.

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