Doofus Of The Day #760

Today’s award goes to the Business Software Alliance.

The Business Software Alliance — a proprietary software industry group — has pulled a controversial ad that promised cash to people who snitched on friends and employers who used pirated software, after they were credibly accused of pirating the image used in the campaign.

There’s more at the link.

Talk about sending the wrong signal . . . !



  1. Thirty pieces of silver might, I think, be more accurate.

    Which isn't to say that stealing things is right, but informers are one of those things the world's better off without.

  2. "But, but . . . the rules don't apply to *us*! We have good intentions!"

    Too often I encounter people that really seem to believe that, as long as their stated goal is "righteous", they can use any means necessary. What's that old saw about means and ends?

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